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Category: Arts

It can unveil a rich store of information about the beliefs, social structure, economic organization and environmental effects of past societies. . Archaeology was first put to use by the Romans in the eighteenth century but it was given more accuracy by Heinrich Schliemann who brought to light the ..

Creative Writing

Category: Arts

Creative writing is essentially a medium to articulate feelings, thoughts and emotions rather than simply passing on information. Creative writing requires plenty of observation, imagination and ability to paint word-pictures out of anything under the sun. Creative writing is considered to be poetry..


Category: Arts

Economics is essentially in the form of social science which analyzes the consumption and distribution of goods, production and services. The field is very vast and is not restricted to just finance, business and government; but to education, war, religion, crime, family, health, politics, social in..


Category: Arts

English is an essential language for career growth or for getting a job in today’s age. The knowledge of english is required in amost all fields even in the non-english speaking countries. Most of the job sectors in many countries like Philippines, India and Singapore require english totally. ..

Fine Arts

Category: Arts

Fine Arts encompasses subjects such as dancing, design, sculpture, architecture, pottery, interior design, painting, drama and music. Fine Arts essentially is an art form, which includes objects mainly created for concept or aesthetic value rather than utility. This subject include the visual..


Category: Arts

General Arts refers to liberal education. it is basically bachelor in arts program(B.A.). The most common subjects which comes under this course are history, geography,english, economics, hindi , philosophy etc. It mostly requires concentration in at least a single discipline. The Major or an hono..

Geography And Geology

Category: Arts

Geography- the Science of Earth, is a diverse term which deals with aerial differentiation of the surface of the earth. Derived from the Greek words 'Geo or Gaea' ( Earth) and 'graphein' (to describe or to map), geography literally means 'to describe or write about the earth'. Hence geography can be..


Category: Arts

History is slowly and gradually becoming a much more popular subject in India. History essentially is a subject that deals with recording past events and the interpreting as well as analyzing them. The field of history presently offers a lot of opportunities. It is important to study history for und..

Home Science

Category: Arts

Home Science may be defined as the study required to develop home or family life within a changing society by taking the help of scientific knowledge and methods. The subjects involved in making Home Science a wonderful learning tool for better-living are PCB, hygiene, rural development, communit..


Category: Arts

Language essentially refers to a communication or a linguitsic system. Different langauages are spoken in india. Some of these languages are accepted nationally while others are accepted as dialects of that particular region. language is the most powerful communication tool for a individual. The sc..

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