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Category: Arts

Language essentially refers to a communication or a linguitsic system. Different langauages are spoken in india. Some of these languages are accepted nationally while others are accepted as dialects of that particular region. language is the most powerful communication tool for a individual. The sc..


Category: Arts

Music is one of the most profound human achievements. It is a universal sound which can create emotions and express feelings. Music also soothes the mind and has a pleasing feeling to our ear. Talent, genuine interest, sincerity and willingness to work hard can guarantee a big success in the field ..

Other Arts

Category: Arts

Arts/Humanities are academic disciplines that study human condition, utilizing methods which are mainly speculative, analytic and critical, and different from the empirical approaches of social and natural of the humanities discipline are ancient and modern languages, philosophy, re..


Category: Arts

Philosophy is one of the preferred arts subjects in India. Philosophy encompasses subjects such as politics, logic, ethics andreligion. It essentially develops a whole new thought process within the students. Philosophy is the study of problems and solutions related to human existence. Philosophy of..


Category: Arts

Pictures are a powerful medium. They can inform, amuse, shock or amaze and if presented in the right manner, they can be beautiful and creative. Are you creative and imaginative? Do you have an eye for aesthetic detail and composition. Do you enjoy presenting things visually and communicating ideas ..

Political Science

Category: Arts

Political science is a subject which includes a complete and extensive learning of country’s - Economics, Public policies, National policies, Relationship with other countries, Sociology, History, Law, Political theory etc. It includes all inputs an..


Category: Arts

Psychology is an associated study and analysis of the human mind. It is a systematic and scientific study of animal and human mind and their behavior and thoughts. The important area in psychological study is animal and human mind, feelings, motives, nature and reactions. By studying the patient..

Public Administration

Category: Arts

Public Administration is an interdisciplinary discipline draws theories and concepts from economics, political science, administrative, management, law, sociology and a varied range in relevant field. Public servants and other officers who work in public sector are known as Public Administrators. Th..

Sociology Social Science Social Work

Category: Arts

Sociology is mainly a social science division. Social science has proper observation and analysis methods for developing and refining the knowledge associated with social activity and organization. It is focused on social relations, social stratification, culture and deviance, social interaction and..

Visual And Performing Arts

Category: Arts

Visual arts degree programs can teach aspiring artists advanced skills and techniques necessary to succeed in their fields. Examples of visual artists are painters, sculptors, illustrators, printmakers and photographers. Degrees that prepare graduates for these fields include Bachelor of Fine Arts d..

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