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Pathology And Disease Research

Category: Medical

Pathology is one of the promising and rewarding career options in India. Aspirants who are willing to take up this profession must have proper information in this field. Talented professionals in this field are rising day by day, which has lead to lots of employment opportunities for talented pa..


Category: Medical

Pediatricians are mostly involved in treatment of infant babies and children. Any heath problemor diseases in children are taken care by pediatricians. Pediatrics mainly focus on children up to 12 years of age. It is one of the most demanding medical profession now a days.Many renowned universities ..


Category: Medical

Pharmacology as a branch of medical studies is one of the most lucrative,demanding and appealing career option now a days.It deals withthe study of drugs and examination ofwith a view to understanding the properties of drugs and their actions and chemical reaction in the living system. Various inst..

Physiotherapy Occupational Health And Ergonomics

Category: Medical

Physiotherapy, also called Physical Therapy is one of the fastest-growing sectors of Physiotherapy sciences. It is a treatment method to eradicate disease and disability using physical exercises. Physiotherapy helps in optimal functioning of the body. It involves the assessment, maintenance, restora..


Category: Medical

Podiatry is the branch of medical science in which the study deals with the treatment of lower legs,foot and ankle.A Podiatrist is responsible for treating corns, calluses, bunions, abnormal growth of toenails, and arch problems; performing surgery; prescribing drugs and physical therapy; working wi..

Preventive And Social Medicine

Category: Medical

Preventive and Social Medicine study apply the necessary preventive measures in epidemiological principles to promote health, outbreaks, investigation of diseases and disease prevention.It deals with the system in medical study in which a professional has to deal with health systems performance as a..

Psychology And Mental Health

Category: Medical

Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors of human beings.It i sone of th emost demanding stream of medical now a days.It leads to the professsion of mental consellor,psycriatist etc. Numerous colleges and institutes all ov..

Radiology And Other Testing

Category: Medical

Radiology as a part of medical sciences deal with imaging secience,techniques etc.It is one of the most demanding professional study now a days.Various institutes both private and goverment provide radiography studies in bachelor and post graduate levels. The various courses offered in this field b..


Category: Medical

Rehabilitationrefers to the sociological findings on the socialization and resocialization processes, as change in lifelong socially acquired patterns of behavior and values that entails a much more complex – and sometime traumatic – change on the individual's structure of character. ..


Category: Medical

Surgery as a stream of medical is one of the most appealing,important course to study.Surgery is a division of medical science that treats disease or injuries by operative procedures.Surgical Study is afive-year programme, within that one will spend time in general practice and in community and hosp..

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