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Commerce Courses

Category: Vocational Courses

Commerce is one of the three fundamental academic streams, the other two being humanities and science. While pursuing a course in the field of commerce, one acquires the knowledge of business or trade, nature and fluctuations in market, basics of economics, fiscal policies, industrial policies e..

Engineering And Technical Courses

Category: Vocational Courses

COURSE DESCRIPTION Engineering and Technical courses are designed for engineers and technicians who either cannot attend standard classroom ledengineering educationdue to time or distance limitations, or for those who simply want more flexible training. The engineering courses feature hands-on task..

Film And Television

Category: Vocational Courses

There are many institutes which offer courses in the field of film and television. Most of the courses are conducted at thepostgraduatedegree level. Besides degrees, a number of institutes offer diploma and certificate courses of shorter duration as well. Typical courses deal with various aspects o..

Food And Nutrition

Category: Vocational Courses

Fruits and vegetables contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. Whole fruits and veggies are less expensive and much more enjoyable than vitamin supplements and pills. Good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote health. There are six categories of nutrients t..

Healthcare And Beauty

Category: Vocational Courses

Beauty care that helps people look their best, is a field for those who have an eye for beauty and enjoy interaction with others. With the work environment getting increasingly competitive and professional, and the growing awareness of health and beauty among men and women, the need to appear well-g..

Nursing And Clinical Research

Category: Vocational Courses

Nursing is a necessary part of medical care system. It is a skill of taking care of sick people with the help of health care science and it is believed as one of the decent jobs in the world. The work in this field is particularly women specific. At senior level they are required to manage partic..

Office Related Courses

Category: Vocational Courses

Office Administration Office Administrators or secretaries are responsible for coordinating the activities & employees within an office setting. The exact duties of office administrators vary depending on title, field, level of education & place of employment. They provide both clerical..

Technician Courses

Category: Vocational Courses

Technician Technicians are technologists at the grass-root level. In a technologically advanced & dependant world, technicians play a very important role. No process or product can be complete without the presence of a technician to oversee & handle it. There are numerous Industrial Tra..

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