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Category: Aviation

The operation and the production of an aircraft is known as Aviation.Aviation can be divided into- 1. Military aviation - Itincludes all form of flying by armed forces. 2. Air transport (commercial airline operations) -It includes scheduled and charter airlines. 3. General aviation (agricultura..

Banking And Finance

Category: Banking and Finance

Banks - the reservoir of wealth, play an important role in our day-to-day life as they are the organisations that take care of the money of individuals and Corporates. These government authorized financial establishments are the best place to get the capital requirements or save money by different m..

Bachelors In Computer Applications

Category: BCA and MCA

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. In the field of Computer Applications BCA is a new kind of degree course. BCA is a 3 years full time course. This is a course which is arranged for the Students who wish to go ahead in the field of Computers and Information Technology. After completi..

Diploma In Computer Applications

Category: BCA and MCA

In the modern era due to the huge and rapid development and growth of IT sectors there is a great and rising demand of professionals with basic knowledge of computer application in business covering key programming languages, data base management, systems analysis, computer software development in s..

Integrated Degree

Category: BCA and MCA

Integrated degree (M.Tech), is a 5year combined Bachelor's and Master's Program instead of 4+ 2 years.(no B.Tech degree) Offered at the first tier. The considered integrated degrees are- B.E. (Hons.), B.Pharm. (Hons.), M.M.S (Master of Management Studies), M.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Tech.), and M.A. (Ho..

Masters In Computer Applications

Category: BCA and MCA

Masters in computer application ie MCA is a post graduate course in computer application.It is a 3 years post graduate course.Various institutes all over india ofers this course.The subjects taught under the course are: 1.C 2.C++ 3.JAVA 4.DATA AND FILE STRUCTURE 5.NETWORKING. 6.DBMS 7.ORACLE...

Post Graduation Diploma In Computer Applications

Category: BCA and MCA

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is designed for graduate students who are interested in the field of Computer Applications. This program helps students to gain professional knowledge in computer applications. This is for the students who want to learn computer applications in ..


Category: Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the most revolutionary and beneficial scientific advancement of the last quarter century. Biotechnology combines the disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology etc. Bio-Technology is a research oriented science, a combination of Biology and Techn..

Accounting And Finance

Category: Commerce

Accountancy degrees develop ones understanding of accountancy practices, commerce, industry and finance. One can also develop a range of subject-specific, technical and more general transferable skills, including: knowledge and awareness of business organisations; numerical and quantit..

Banking And Finance

Category: Commerce

Banking is one of the top most career choices made by students in India. Banks are in-charge of individuals or organization's money. Banks reimburse interest on the deposited money, offer loans to people for personal or business use. They also offer a broad array of services such as giving advice re..

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