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Mechanical Engineering

Category: Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a field of engineering that uses the principles of physics and material science for designing, manufacturing and maintaining of mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. Any student who want ot join the mechanical engineering field sh..

Metallurgical Engineering

Category: Engineering

Metallurgy is related to the material science whose study gives the information of physical and chemical behavior of elements, compounds and mixtures. Metallurgy is usually studied as a subset of material science within a mechanical engineering or manufacturing engineering degree. So, metallurgical ..

Mining Engineering

Category: Engineering

Mining Engineering is also referred as mineral engineering, is a branch of engineering that deals with the study of the application, techniques to extract and process minerals from their natural surroundings. Mining Engineering is one of the most interesting branches of engineering which studies ..

Nano Technology

Category: Engineering

Nanotechnology – the science of the miniature, and the area of research which may lead to the greatest technology advances of the 21th century. It is a global phenomenon and an emerging field, that finds its way into a myriad industrial applications spanning across all areas of science and tec..

Other Engineering Subjects

Category: Engineering

Engineering is an academic subject and profession of applying practical, mathematical and scientific knowledge in order to use natural rules and physical resources to aid design and implement equipments, devices, systems, structures, materials and processes that safely realize a desired objective an..

Paper And Pulp Engineering

Category: Engineering

Paper and Pulp Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals in the manufacturing of paper, pulp and other biomaterials. This branch also deals withdifferent procedures and applications to recycle the waste papers and other waste materials to convert them into useful commercial products. Pap..

Petroleum Engineering

Category: Engineering

Petroleum and petroleum products are valuable for any country. Shortage of petroleum could make industries, automobiles and households come to standstill and they are dependent on petroleum in some way or other. There is a need to find more petroleum reservoirs to meet the growing demand. This has r..

Polymer Engineering

Category: Engineering

This a division of engineering which utilizes the knowledge and concept of chemical engineering to make easy designing, developing and manufacturing pieces from polymers. Polymer engineers utilize the principles of thermodynamics, process design, plant design and transport phenomena to increase new ..

Production And Industrial Engineering

Category: Engineering

Production & Industrial Engineering(P&I engineering) deals with various techniques of manufacturing used in manufacturing industries by keeping management science in mind. It includes various application of Metrology, Automation, Metal cutting and tool desiging, Machine tools etc. Production..

Renewable Energy Engineering

Category: Engineering

With the world facing an energy crisis and the effects of climate change looming large, renewable energy studies and applications are set to play an extremely important role in any country. This has resulted in an increased demand for specialists and engineers in the field of renewable energy. Renew..

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