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Media Management

Category: Management

Media management covers a huge area such as account planning,media planning and management and market research . In general, any task that relates to processing your media is considered to be media management, such as capturing, compressing, copying, moving, or deleting media files. This coursewi..

Oil Gas And Power Management

Category: Management

Review the development stages of consumer oil, gas and electric products. Get a detailed look at refining and marketing, logistics and transportation. Increase knowledge of electricity and gas deregulation and its impact on the marketplace, and explore the emerging power market with case studies and..

Operations And Product Management

Category: Management

Concepts, problems and techniques applicable to the operations of a variety of business organizations. The emphasis is on decision making (to include business ethics) in operational areas such as: facility requirements and utilization, control and coordination of resource inputs and outputs, types ..

Other Management

Category: Management

Management courses help you to find classes and training related to organizational behavior, human resources, accounting, project management, critical thinking strategies, decision making, and much more. Simply choose your concentration, and get started in no time. Management comprises planning, org..

Pharmaceutical Management

Category: Management

Pharmaceutical Management is the set of practices aimed at ensuring the timely availability andappropriate use of safe, effective, quality medicines, health products, and services in any healthcare services. These activities are organized according to functional components of asystem and may take pl..

Retail Management

Category: Management

Retail Management Retail management is the sale by seller in small quantities to customer not for resale... "Retail Management" can be understood as: The process of bringing the ultimate user to the main producer, through a series of stages, where retailing is the last one. It is ..

Rural Management

Category: Management

Rural Management is a known fact that India’s exponential growth over the past two decades has transformed the business significantly, making the Indian markets more dynamic than ever before. A new massive bread of consumer segment has emerged in this process of this transformation i.e the rur..

Sales And Marketing Management

Category: Management

Good marketing knowledge will help in understanding the opportunities in the market which would help in building strong brand names. This course will give some insights about how to understand the customers and build long term relations with them. It also helps in understanding the marketing environ..

Strategic Management

Category: Management

Strategic Management is a way in which strategists set the objectives and proceed about attaining them. It consists of the analysis, decisions, and actions ofan organization undertakes in order to create and sustain competitive advantages. It is defined as a set of managerial decisions and actions t..

Media And Mass Communication

Category: Media and Journalism

Media includes a variety of courses. Various areas of media needs specific training.Mass communication refers to study of various individuals as well as entities, which provide information through the medium of mass media to the public. The sources include films, television, magazines and newspaper...

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