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12th November 2017 Current Affairs from The Hindu

Kunal Sir, Published On:12-Nov-2017

         CURRENT AFFAIRS: 12.11.2017


1. UN join Bangladesh in immunizing Rohingya refugees


·        After spike suspected cases of measles, the UN and Bangladeshi government are boosting efforts to immunize Rohingya refugees living in overcrowded camps and makeshift shelters.

·        Measles is a childhood fatal disease.

·        It can be particularly dangerous among un-immunised and malnourished children.

·        It is one of the major health risks for the refugees who have fled their homes in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.


Ø UN Secretary- General- Antonio Guterres.

Ø OCHA- The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

v it is a body of UN

v Established-  19 December 1991

v Mission- to mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian action in partnership with national and international actors in order to alleviate human suffering in disasters and emergencies

         Source: The Hindu


2.  NGT says- why odd- even when there are 99 other guidelines



Note- questions can be asked in various examinations from NGT

National Green Tribunal (NGT)-

·        Established- on 18 October 2010 under the National Green Tribunal Act 2010.

·        It has been established for effective and expeditious disposal of cases relating to environmental protection and conservation of forests and other natural resources including enforcement of any legal right relating to environment.

·        It is a statutory body

·        It is a specialized body equipped with necessary expertise to handle environmental disputes.

·        It giving relief and compensation for damages (person and properties).

·        It runs on the principle- polluter pays and Sustainable Development

·        It draws the inspiration from Indian constitution article 21 (right to healthy environment).

·        It has powers equivalent to that of civil court.

·        It shall not be bound by the procedure laid down under the code of civil procedure.

·        It shall be guided by the principle of natural justice.

It hear cases related to-

Ø Water, air (prevention, control of pollution act).

Ø Environment protection act.

Ø Forest conservation act.

Ø Biological diversity act.

·        It helps reduce the burden of litigation in the higher court.

·        Its jurisdiction will provide speedy environmental justice.

·        It directed to make and endeavor for disposal of applications or appeals finally within 6 months of filing of the same.

Structure & Members-

·        It shall consist of – full time chairperson, judicial member ( minimum- 10 , maimum-20), expert member (minimum- 10, maximum- 20)

·        The chairperson can invite specialized member if he feel necessary

·        Principle place- New Delhi.

·        Regional place- Bhopal, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai.

·        First chairman- Lokeshwar Singh Panta

·        Current Chairman- Swatanter Kumar

·        This court is special – because India is the third country following Australia and New Zealand to have such a system.

Recent order-

·       Cancel coal block clearance in Chhattisgarh

·       Odisha banned- illegal sand mining.

·       UP- illegal sand mining

·       River Yamuna- illegal sand mining.


·        Conflict between NGT, High court and Government.

·        Not having widespread presence.

·        Cases backlog are increasing

·        Little changes in pollution level (despite the step taken).

Source: The Hindu


3. Glory of Kakatiya-era temple (Sri Kasi Visweswara) unveiled


·        Sri Kasi Visweswara Temple (800 year old) has been a site of religious significance.

·        This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, found in Sangareddy district (village- Kalabgur) of Telangana.

·        This temple belongs to the Kakatiya period.

Source: The Hindu

4. Google celebrates 132th anniversary of Anasuya Sarabhai


·        Google Doodle celebrated 132th birth anniversary of Anasuya Sarabhai.

·        Anasuya Sarabhai played a pioneering role in India’s labor movement.

·        She was a feminist and activist.

·        Born- 11th November 1885 in Gujarat (Ahmedabad).

Source: The Hindu

5. IIT Hyderabad develops novel skin patch for constant drug release


·        IIT Hyderabad Researchers have developed a novel drug delivery system, which releases a commonly used pain killer (diclofenac sodium).

Source: The Hindu

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