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16 MAY Current Affairs from The Hindu

Kunal kumar, Published On:16-May-2017

 CURRENT AFFAIRS: 16.05.2017

1.   Florence nightingale award to Krishna kumari

·        K. Krishna Kumari, a nurse who is serving at the Rural Community Health Centre of Kukudakhandi in Ganjam district has been awarded Florence Nightingale Award for her outstanding service.

·        35 other nurses also got this award by President but she is the only woman from Orissa.

·        The award carries a purse of Rs. 50,000, a certificate, a citation and a medal.

·        She has decided to spend the award money on philanthropic work.

·        This award is the highest international distinction a nurse can achieve.

Source: The Hindu


2.   International museum day

·        Pune’s museums decided to exhibit their artefacts and antiquities under one roof to mark International Museum day on 18th May.

·        The three-day exhibition will be held at the Symbiosis Society’s Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Museum and Memorial.

·        The international museum day is an initiative of the International Council of Museums, the apex body of the museums across the world.

·        This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of museums.

Source: The Hindu


3.   Launch of T-Wallet and 10,000 wifi hot-spots in Hyderabad

·        The Telangana government will provide household connectivity through the fiber-grid project and public WiFi hotspots.

·        The state government is now focusing on digital infrastructure, skilling youngsters, digital literacy of atleast one person in a family.

·        These announcements were made at the Ninth annual ICT4D Conference.

·        The ICT4D Conference is the global platform for technology companies, development organizations, government bodies and social innovators to share the best practices and collaborate to use the latest technology to address the biggest development challenges facing societies.

·        T-wallet is a medium of cash transactions which works on mobile phones also.

Source: The Hindu


4.   Nbt to host diaspora meets

·        National Book Trust introduced a new concept: a conference for the Indian diaspora.

·        The conference will encourage overseas Indian- the “cultural ambassadors” of India abroad- to write literature on themes related to Indian values.

·        The vision behind such conferences is two-fold: to bring Indian diaspora writes on one platform so that they can engage with each other and develop a common thought, and to encourage them to write literature that represents Indian values.

·        The National Book Trust is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Source: The Hindu


5.   New french Pm is Edouard philippe

·        French President Emmanuel Macron has picked Edouard Philippe as his Prime Minister.

·        This is the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic that a President has appointed someone from outside his own party.

Source: The Hindu


Question based on

                         CURRENT AFFAIRS: 16.05.2017


(a)              President

(b)             Prime Minister

(c)              Home Minister

(d)             Vice-President


2.    International museum day is celebrated on?

(a)              16th May

(b)             17th May

(c)              18th May

(d)             19th May


3.    Which city recently launched T-wallet and 1,000 wifi hots-spots?

(a)              New Delhi

(b)             Mumbai

(c)              Hyderabad

(d)             Ahmedabad


4.    National book trust is under which ministry?

(a) Ministry of Communications

(b) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

(c) Ministry of Culture

(d) Ministry of Human Resource Development


5.    Who is the new prime minister of france?

(a)              Emmanuel Macron

(b)             Edouard Philippe

(c)              Bernard Cazaneuve

(d)             Manuel Valls



1.     (a)

2.     (c)

3.     (c)

4.     (d)

5.     (b)





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