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30th November 2017 current affairs

Bhagyashree mam, Published On:30-Nov-2017




Once again a daughter of India has made the country proud by winning home gold medal for the first time in two decades at World Weightlifting   Championship.

Mirabai Chanu became the first Indian to win gold in two decades and makes India proud and gives reason to rejoice. This Championship was held at Anaheim ,USA. With this win Mirabai will also  be able to forget the lost memories at Rio Olympics where she couldn't finish the event.


Mirabai apart from this is also working for Indian Railways. In her winning stint she lifted 85 kg in snatch and 109 kg in clean and jerk adding up to impressive 194 kg in women's 48 kg category thus setting a new national record.

Before Chanu Olympics bronze medallist Karnam Malleshwari won twice in 1994 and 1995.

There were some other countries like Russia, China, Kazakhstan,Ukraine and Azerbaijan could not participate for doping reasons.



1)Who became 1st Indian to win gold for weightlifting?

2)Who was the first olympic medal winner for weightlifting?



Only 8 Of 100 Malaria Cases Detected In India: WHO



India has the highest malaria burden in the world outside     sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo,   Burkina Faso and India accounted for 58 per cent of all malaria deaths globally

India can’t reduce malaria by 2020 says World Health Organisation (WHO)

India accounted for 6% of global malaria cases and 7% of deaths caused by it in 2016


In the list India was the third on the list of 15 countries which accounted for 80 per cent of all malaria cases in the world in 2016, the WHO's World Malaria Report 2017 said.


In 2016, there were an estimated 445,000 deaths from malaria in the world, compared to 446,000 estimated deaths in 2015.


Q.1 What is WHO ?

Q.2 India’s How much Percentage in cases and death of malaria in the world.?

Q.3 how much No of death in world caused of malaria ?

Q.4 Who’s the head of WHO ?








You heard it right  ! Leading educational Institutes like Symbiosis, Manipal, Teri University might loose their status if they fail to comply University Grant Commission directions to drop “university” from their names.

They have been issued warning by UGC to remove the name where each of these universities have thousands of students enrolled. If not the consequences might be too worse as their declaration also might be cancelled.

In a circular issued by UGC on November 10, as many as 123 education facilities of higher education which are deemed to be universities to stop using the word ‘university’ in their names. In the two notices issued by UGC, the first listed Pune’s Symbiosis International University, the Bengaluru-based Christ University and Jain University asking them to change their names. The second notice had Manipal University, Delhi’s Teri University, KLE University in Belagavi and 19 other institutes. Teri, which was earlier known as Teri School of Advanced Studies will revert back to the previous name. Even, Manipal has also decided to comply with  UGC and would name Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

However the education facilities said that they were taking time as they had to go through name approval process emphasising that their status as deemed to be universities has not changed.






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