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Current Affairs of 26 Dec 2017

Keshav Kishore, Published On:26-Dec-2017


1.      Odisha : Champion State of  Exports

•        The Central government has announced Odisha as a ‘Champion State’ for performing highest growth in exports during 2016-17.

•        In 2015-16 export of Odisha was 19082 crore while in 2016-17  it increased to 40872 crore.

•        Odisha exports mainly aluminum, iron ore, processed minerals, iron, steel, marine products, residual chemical and allied products.



2.      CRISPR-Cas9: To Prevent Hearing Loss in Mice

•        CRISPR-Cas9 a gene editing tool is useful to prevent progressive deafness in mice and which may also help cure genetic hearing impairments in humans.

•        As nearly half of the cases have a genetic root so this tool can be very useful for hearing problem diagnosis.

•        Generally genetic mutation sabotage hearing and one such mutation is in a gene called Tmc1.

•        A single error inTmc1 causes the loss of the inner ear’s hair cells over time. These delicate hair cells help detect sound and coverts physical information into nerve signals that travel to the brain.


3.  Mumbai gets AC Local, Delhi Driverless Metro

•        Mumbai AC Local train is India’s first air-conditioned local started to move between Church gate and Virar from Dec-25.

•        It is the first train with automatic doors in the sub-urban system and is a 12 coach EMU.

•        Meanwhile, PM Modi inaugurated Magenta Line of Delhi Metro which is a driverless locomotive.

•        The coaches will have power charging, LED display and colorful seats and stations will portray themes of nature, Yoga and cultural landmarks.

•        This line will reduce the distance between Noida and South delhi as the new 12.64 Km line is between Botanical Garden of Noida and Kalkaji Mandir of South Delhi.



4.      Indian boxers get 5 Medals

•        Boxers from India have won five medals including 3 gold and one each in two lower categories at Galym Zharylgapov Boxing Tournament in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

•        K Shyam , Naman Tanwar and Satish Kumar are three gold medalist in 49 kg, 91 kg and +91kg categories respectively.

•        The Silver medal was achieved by National champion Manish Kaushik in 60 kg category.


5.      Bengaluru: First city to own a logo

•        Bengaluru will be the first Indian city to have her own logo which Karnataka government has launched recently.

•        Bengaluru will now join the league of international city like Amsterdam and New York to have its own logo.

•        This logo is designed by a design start-up Nammur which won a contest and received prize money of Rs 5 lakh from the government.



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