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Current Affairs of 27 Dec 2017

Keshav Kishore, Published On:27-Dec-2017



1.       Pod Taxi : A Dream Project of  Nitin Gadkari

• The Proposed route for this project is form Delhi-Haryana border to Rajiv Chowk in Gurugram.  

• The 4000 crore project will be a developed on PPP model and it will follow the US safety norms.

• Pods are fully automatic, driverless and travel independently over an overhead network which is usually about 5 to 10 metres above the ground.

• These Pods are equipped with military grade wireless technology and sensors, which are monitored at a command and on the ground for the extra security and safety.




2.       CPEC: China wants Afghanistan’s participation

•China wants to include Afghanistan to include in her flagship project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to give it a new name Pakistan Afghanistan China Economic Corridor.     

• This news has arrived after the China-Afghanistan- Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue held in Beijing on December 26.

• India has shown its firm disagreement on CPEC initiative as it passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).



3.       India’s First Runway on a Sea Bridge

•Airport Authority of India (AAI) has given a nod to extend Lakshadweep’s Agatti Airport so that there will be runway on a ‘Sea Bridge’.

•This Project will cost about Rs 1500 crore.

•This task will be performed by building a Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) platform on the beach and shallow area.


4.       Darjeeling is celebrating Teesta Rangit Festival

• After the months of strike Darjeeling is celebrating a five day tourism festival.

• It is a tourism festival and also a big source of income through tourism.

•It will be held in different phases: 1. Dec 27 to 29 in Darjeeling   2. Dec 28 and 29 in Kurseong    3. Dec29 and 30 in Kalimpong     4. Dec 30 and 31 in Mirik.  



5.       First Hybrid bird species from the Amazon discovered

•A golden-crown manakin with yellow feathers is discovered from Amazon rainforest.

•Two parental species for this bird are snow-capped manakin and opal-crowned manakin.

• After a lot of genetic and other research golden-crowned manakin was first discovered in 1957 but not seen again until 2002 and it is a first discovered hybrid species.



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