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Current Affairs of 28 Dec 2017

Keshav Kishore, Published On:28-Dec-2017

 1.       Indian Science congress 2018 will be in Manipur University 

• The 105th Indian Science Congress will be hosted by Manipur University in Imphal in March next year.

• Dr. Achyuta Samanta will be general President of this congress and the theme of this congress will be ‘reaching the unreached through science and technology’.

• In Jan 2017, the conference was held in Tirupati and the theme was ‘Science & Technology for National Development’.


2.       Bamboo is not a tree in the new Forest Act

• The Parliament passed Indian Forest (Amendment) Bill in which the bill has excluded bamboo from the definition of tree under the Indian Forest Act.

• The Bill permits felling and transit of bamboo grown in non-forest areas and bamboo grown on forest lands would continue to be classified as a tree.

• Objective of this amendment is to promote the cultivation of bamboo in non-forest areas and would benefit the tribals, forest dweller and farmers as their income would increase.


 3.      Mission Seven Summits: An audacious attempt of IAF

• In this mission Indian Air Force had an aim to fly the tricolor and the IAF flag on the highest peak in every continent.

• With the successful ascent of Mt. Vinson, the IAF has successfully completed the mission and became the first organization in India to do so.

• This mission was started in 2005 when IAF scaled Mt. Everest.


4.       Longest Glass Bridge of World is in China

• This bridge has capacity to hold 2000 people but only 500 would be allowed at a time.

• It is located in Shijiazhuang and lies 218 meters above hanging between two cliffs in Hongyagu Scenic Area in Pingshan county.

• This glass bridge which is now open for the public is 488 meters long and 2 meters broad.


5.       India’s upward movement in ‘World Economic League Table’ Report

• This report is released by Centre for Economics and Business Research.

• The report says that India will be fifth largest economy in 2018 and will surpass Britain and France.

• The USA will retain its first position till 2032 and then china will overtake US.




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