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Current Affairs of 31 Dec 2017

Keshav Kishore, Published On:31-Dec-2017


1.       National Medical Commission Bill introduced in Loksabha

• The Bill seeks to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) with a new body named National Medical Commission.

• This bill has a provision of joint sitting of the National Medical Commission, the Central Council of Homoeopathy and the Central Council of Indian Medicine at least once a year.

• It also provides for the constitution of four autonomous boards entrusted with conducting undergraduate and postgraduate education, assessment and rating of medical institutions.

• It also has a provision of a common entrance exam and exit exam which all medical graduates will have to clear to get practicing license.

• The 25 member national commission will replace the elected MCI and its chairman will be nominated by government and board members will be selected by a search committee under the Cabinet Secretary.



2.       Artificial Intelligence diagnoses asthma

• Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectra of exhaled breath condensate researchers have been able to improve the diagnosis of childhood asthma and even identified three subtypes – subtype 1, subtype 2 & subtype 3.

• Subtype 1 showed a typical signature of ammonia metabolite but have no family history of asthma. Subtype 2 carries high eosinophil count and rest is same as subtype 1. Subtype 3 has lower blood eosinophilia and elevated neutrophilia compared with the other two subtypes.

• The algorithm has 80% sensitivity and 75% specificity in identifying childhood asthma.



3.       KKR & Co is the first Foreign-Owned ARC

• KKR & Co the US buyout giant became the first foreign investor to fully own an Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) in India.

• The company’s headquarter is in New York which plans to set up a separate managed company to put bad loans and become expert in reviving the assets.

• RBI has given approval for this foreign ARC.


4.       World’s largest human genome research project in China

• The project is launched by China of 100,000 people.  

• This is a project to detect genetic links between health and sickness.

• This project aims to help generate the precision medicine of the future.



5.       Indian History Congress is in Kolkata this time

• The 78th session of IHC passed a resolution condemning the attack on freedom of speech and urged historians and common people to defend the cause of objectivity in history.

• This time IHC have six sections – Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India, Countries other than India, Archeology and Contemporary India.

• It has also announced a project to prove that Adam’s Bridge was not natural but made by humans.

• The aim of conducting IHC is for promotion and encouragement of detailed and specific study of Indian History.



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