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Current Affairs of 2 Jan 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:02-Jan-2018



1.       2017 saw a boom in Stock Market Investment

• A total of Rs.161, 116 crore was raised through various equity market routes in 2017.

• The previous highest was Rs. 97,746 crore in 2010.

• Retail investors also took interest very keenly and the highest number of application was received from Kochi Shipyard.

• Offer for Sale was 12% of overall investment in which NTPC had highest OFS followed by BEL.

• SME’s had IPO’s of Rs. 1679 crore which is highest till now.


2.       Core Sector is getting strength by Steel and Cement

• The Index of core industries had 6.7% growth in November 2017 which is highest in 13 month.

• The cement sector grew at a record high of 17.3% and the steel sector grew 16.6% in November.

• The eight core sectors are electricity, cement, fertilizer, steel, coal, crude oil, natural gas and refinery product which constitute 40.27% of the total industrial production.


3.       Non-antibiotic therapy for mild infection

• After having an alternative drug of antibiotics for mild infection, the prevention from drug resistance can be easier.

• Study says that antibiotic resistance does not happen nearly as often in those big infections as it does in the multitude of small ones like sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and bladder infections.

• A broad spectrum antibiotic can kill off more of the vulnerable, less dangerous bacteria, leaving more dangerous and robust bacteria to propagate.


4.       Astronauts identified unknown microbes in space

• Astronauts in International Space Station (ISS) have identified microbes in space without sending it to earth for tests.

• It will aid in the ability to diagnose and treat astronaut ailments in real time, as well as assisting in the identification of DNA based life on other plants.

• Identifying microbes involves isolating the DNA of samples and then making many copies of DNA that can be sequenced and identified.


5.       India’s second largest rooftop solar plant by GAIL

• Gas Authority of India Ltd. has commissioned India’s second largest (5.76 MW) rooftop solar plant in its petrochemical complex at Pata in UP.

• India is planning to grow 40 GW of rooftop solar plant by 2022.

• Country’s largest rooftop solar project of 12 MW was commissioned by Tata Power Plant Amritsar in December 2015.  






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