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Current Affairs of 8 Jan 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:08-Jan-2018


1. INS Arihant: Pride of Navy

• It is 124 metre long ‘Arihant class’ nuclear powered submarine.

• It is India’s only operational ship submersible ballistic nuclear (SSBN) submarine.

• It is designed to use vertical ‘Tube Launch Missile’ technology, and the launchers have been manufactured to accommodate the submarine variant of the 5000 km range Agni III missile.

• The surface speed of submarine is 12-15 knots and submerged speed is 24 knots.

• It can carry about twelve K-15 or Sagarika submarine launch ballistic missile (SLBM) with a range of 750 km with nuclear warheads.

• There are two operational classes of nuclear powered submarine - Chakra class of attack submarines (SSN) and Arihant class of ballistic submarine (SSBN).

• The other ballistic submarine under Arihant class named INS Arighat was also launched on Nov 19 last year.

• There is planning to build five Arihant class submarines for stealth SSBN fleet.

• Arihant’s nuclear pressurized water reactors uses 34% to 40% enriched uranium, has one turbine and one seven blade highly skewed brass propeller.

• The missiles ejects underwater from its launcher, when a gas booster is ignited and can rise 2 to 4 km above the ocean surface to strike targets.


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