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Current Affairs of 11 Feb 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:11-Feb-2018



1.       New White light using Zinc-technology

• Pure white light can be produced using zinc, which is usually used to protect iron from rusting and in making brass.

• The existing technology which mixes three primary colour (emit phosphorous in a proportionate composite) to produce white light, is energy-intensive and involve a very long process.

• The new LED device requires only a single active layer of zinc-based metal –organic framework to get perfect white light under UV-excitation.

• Zeolite (a rare earth metal) can also be used for producing white light but it is not environment-friendly.


2.       Do You Know Superionic ice?

• One of the most intriguing properties of water is that it may become ‘super-ionic’, meaning a soup of hydrogen and oxygen ions, when heated to several thousand degrees at high pressure, similar to the conditions inside giant planets such as Uranus and Neptune.

• A research team has found that ice melts near 5000 Kelvin (K) at 200 Giga Pascal (GPa- 2 million times Earth’s atmosphere)- 4000 K higher than the melting point at 0.5 Mega bar (Mbar) and almost the surface temperature of the sun.


3.       Indira Nooyi: ICC’s First Female Director

• International Cricket Council has appointed Indira Nooyi (PepsiCo Chairman and CEO) as its first ever independent female director.

• She will join the cricket body in June 2018 for a 2-year term.

• The introduction of an independent director (only female can be independent director) was approved by ICC in June 2017 with an aim to improve global governance in sport.


4.       Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang

• The 23rd round of Winter Olympic officially kicked off at Pyeongchang in South Korea.

• In this mega event 92 countries are participating.

• There will be total 102 medals in seven sports and 15 disciplines.


5.       Six agreements between India and Palestine

• The six Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) in different areas were signed between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at Palestinian capital Ramallah (provisional capital).

• The agreements are of empowerment of women, construction of school, super-specialty hospital etc.

• India strongly supports the recognition of Palestine as independent state and has voted in favours of Palestine in United Nations.


Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express


















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