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Current Affairs of 26 Feb 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:26-Feb-2018

 1.     Europeans and Asians genetically prone to severe dengue

• There is a study by scientists that gene variants that make people of Asia and Europe ancestry more prove to developing severe dengue.

• Dengue is endemic to tropical and subtropical regions of East Asia and America but the virus responsible for the disease has recently spread to Europe and North America by its carrier mosquito Aedes genus.

• The symptoms in dengue are fever, headache, joint pain and rah etc.


2.      Aruna Reddy won International medal in Gymnast

• Aruna Budda Reddy has become the 1st Indian gymnast to win an individual medal at Gymnastic World Cup as she won a bronze medal in women’s vault event.

• She has taken part at World Asiatic Gymnastic Championships, Commonwealth Games and Asian game but this medal is her first international medal.

• She scored third position with 13.649 and won bronze medal.

Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express

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