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Current Affairs of 28 Feb 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:28-Feb-2018



1.     National Science Day: 28th Feb

• Theme of National Science day 2018 is “Science and Technology for a sustainable future.”

• It is celebrated since 1987 and first time it was celebrated to commemorate Raman Effect, a discovery by Bharat Ratna C.V. Raman.

• The day is celebrated to spread the message about the importance of science in our day to day life and also to aware people about its usage.


2.      Testing of cancer drug efficiency by ‘Mini-tumours’

• The study for cancers of the digestive system has shown various results.

• Scientists have grown mini version of patient’s tumours in lab and analysed them against various drugs to find the best possible treatment.

• The growth of cancer cells in the lab reflects the behaviour of these cells inside body.

• The study has found the effective way of drugs on these cells which can give a new clue in the medication of cancer disease.                                        


3.     National Conference on e-Governance in Hyderabad

• The 21st National conference e-Governance took place in Hyderabad.

• Theme of the conference for this year is, ‘Technology for accelerating Development’.

• The conference is organised to discuss various aspect of e-Governance such as Direct Benefit Transfer using AADHAR, linking of various identity cards to stop forgery, online forms for various services etc.


4.      India at 47th rank in Inclusive Internet Index

• India is at 47th position in the list of 86 countries in Inclusive Internet Index 2018 report.

• The report is commissioned by Facebook and conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

• There are four major categories of national level internet inclusion- 1. Availability  2. Affordability  3. Relevance  4. Readiness.



5.      Fifteen cities will get intermodal stations

• There will development of 15 cities with intermodal stations by National Highways Authority of India.

• Nagpur and Varanasi are among those 15 cities which have been selected as pilot projects.

• Intermodal station means development of integrated transportation modes like rail, road, inland waterway etc. for the seamless movement of passengers.


Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express

























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