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Current Affairs of 4 March 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:04-Mar-2018



1.     National Financial Reporting Authority approved by Cabinet

• Union Cabinet gave approval for National Financial Reporting Authority, an independent regulator for the auditing profession.

• It will be a 15 member body consisting, a chairman, three full-time members and one secretary.

• The establishment of such authority will improve investments, enhance economic growth and will also be in synchronisation with international practices and assist in further development of audit profession.

• It will be a watchdog for auditing profession and can debar for an error up to 10 years and can also act against Chartered Accountants.


2.      World’s largest solar park in Karnataka

• The first phase of Pavagada Solar park is inaugurated which has capacity of 2000 MW i.e. highest capacity in the world.

• In the first phase 600 MW while the rest 1400 will be added in second phase by December 2018.

• It is a step to fulfil the target of 100 GW of solar power by 2020.


3.     Graphene oxide from old batteries for Super-capacitor

• Scientists have created a new material using discarded lithium ion batteries and the material is of reduced graphene oxide.

• The material shows high specific capacity at low current which is ideal for next-generation high performance super-capacitor.

• This material showed high stability even after 20,000 cycles and also has retention capacity where 70% capacity still exists even after 85 cycles.

• The discovery can be a game changer to reduce the e-waste of lithium battery by recycling it into super-capacitors.

• Super-capacitors are widely used in wind –turbine, rail, automotive, heavy industrial equipments, UPS and Telecom system for memory back up and power delivery.


4.     Mega food park in Maharastra

• Satara Mega Food Park was inaugurated at Degaon village in Satara district which is 12th operational food park of India and first of Maharstra.

• It will generate employment of about 5000 persons and annual turnover will be around 450-500 crore.

• Mega Food Park scheme aims to create modern infrastructure facilities for food processing along value chain from farm to market and the project is merged under ‘ Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAMPADA Yojna’.


Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express
























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