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Current Affairs of 13 March 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:13-Mar-2018

 1.     IIP is moving upward on growth rate track

• According to CSO’s data the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) recorded 7.5% growth in January 2018.

• The Manufacturing sector grew by 8.7 %, mining by 0.1%, electricity by 7.6%, capital goods output by 14.6%, consumer durable output by 8 % and consumer non-durable output by 10.5 %.

• The IIP is an indicator for the measurement of volume of production including 8 core industries which have combined weightage of 40.27% and the base year for IIP is 2011-12.  


2.     MILES-18 naval exercise conducted in Andaman

• The three day long MILES naval exercise was held in Andaman Sea.

• It is a part of 10th edition of MILAN exercise which is multi-national event with the theme “Friendship across the Sea” to fight illegal activities and to expand regional cooperation among countries.

• In MILES-2018 total 11ships from 8 different nations and 9 Indian ships took participation, to enhance inter-operability between participating countries.


3.      Indian Airforce Samvedna exercise 2018 in South Asia

• Samvedna is first multilateral and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise of Indian Air Force (IAF).

• It will reflect the understanding of scope, role and task and will develop a better cooperation for sharing response among nations.

• The exercise in association with South Asian Region Nations was held off in Kerala.


4.      Indo-French Knowledge Summit in New Delhi

• A Franco- India Education Trust is formed to offer educational scholarships and merit based financial support to Indian students, which is funded by the Indian Industry and French Companies in India.

• There was a landmark agreement on mutual recognition of educational qualifications between two countries and 15 MoUs between universities and research institutions on joint initiatives.

• The summit was hosted by French Embassy and Ministry of Human Resource and Development jointly.

• The objective of this summit is to design a roadmap of Franco-Indian cooperation for the next five years.


5.      First Coastal Academy of India in Gujrat

• National Academy for Coastal Policing (NACP) will be launched from campus of Gujrat’s Fisheries Research Centre located in Okha town in Dwarka District of Gujrat.

• It will be run by multi-agency team of paramilitary and defence forces to sharpen response and skills of marine forces of multiple states which have sea lines.

• India has a vast coastline of 7516.6 Km and 13 major ports and 187 minor or intermediate ports. After establishment of such academy the coastline will be safeguarded by more trained personnel.


Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express

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