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Current Affairs of 16 June 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:16-Jun-2018


1.        Trade deficit in May $14.62 billion

·        India’s trade deficit has surged to $14.62 billion in May 2018 which was $13.72 billion in April 2018.

·   The trade deficit is the difference between total export and total import.

·     The export has increased by 20.18% in the comparison with May 2017 while at the same time import has surged to 14.18% in the comparison with May 2017.


2.        106th Indian Science Congress in Jalandhar

·     Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar will host the 106th edition of National Science Congress next year from Jan 3 to 7, 2019.

·    The theme of this congress is “Future India: Science & Technology”.

·    Parallel events such as Women Science Conference, Science Communicator’s Meet, Children Science Conference and Science Exhibition will also be organized.


3.         Joint Stamp for India and Vietnam

·       Union cabinet has given approval for the issuing of India- Vietnam joint postage stamp.

·     The stamp shows Sanchi Stupa of India and Pho Minh Pagoda of Vietnam.

·    Sanchi Stupa was buit in 3rd century BC and was commissioned by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. It is a Buddhist architecture situated in MP and also in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

·    The Pagoda of Vietnam was built by Ly Dynasty which was further expanded by Tran Dynasty in 1262.

·    It was a high ranking place for mandarins and aristocracy of the Tran Royal Court to do worship and for their religious life.  


4.        Important Abbreviations

·     ULIP: Unit Linked Insurance Plan

·    CD : Certificate of Deposit

·    FOREX : Foreign Exchange

·    NAV : Net Asset Value

·    LLC : Limited Liability Company

·    CFO : Chief Financial Officer

· NASDAQ : National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation.

·    IPO : Initial Public Offering

·    MDR : Merchant Discount Rate

·    ETF : Exchange Traded Fund




Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB




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