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Current Affairs of 9 August 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:09-Aug-2018


1.        Restricted Area Permit exemption in Andaman

·     Central Government has decided to exclude 29 inhabited Andaman & Nicobar Islands from the Restricted Area permit (RAP).

·    The permission to travel these 29 inhabited areas without permit there will be boom in tourism and overall development of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

·    Under RAP regime foreigners are not normally allowed to visit protected or restricted areas.

·  The current permission is not for the citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.


2.        Lamarckian inheritance

·     It is an hypothesis that an organism can pass on the different characteristics that it acquired during its own lifetime to its offspring.

·   Various changes that happen to the body of an organism in order enable it to adapt changes according to environment which can be passed on to its offspring.

·  This inheritance has been used to explain the natural process of evolution of species apart from Darwin’s theory of natural selection.


3.        DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2018

·      The bill proposes DNA Regulatory Board, standards of DNA testing and also proposes to supervise all the laboratories authorized for such tests.

·      Apart from DNA Profiling Board the bill also seeks to establish DNA Data Bank.

·      Data Bank will maintain five set of databases for suspects or under trials, for missing persons, for offenders, for unidentified dead bodies and for DNA samples picked up from a crime scene.

·   There are many flaws in the draft bill proposed in the Parliament recently which needs to be addressed and amendments are required in the draft bill.


4.        Fine-tuned universe

·      There is a view that physical conditions prevailing in the universe are fine-tuned in such a way that it helps sustain various forms of life.

·      Strength of gravity, laws of physics and other physical constants are fine-tuned to support life.

·      It is also believed that a small change in the physical dimension of the universe from its present form can make it inhabitable for any life form.


5.        Article 35A of Indian Constitution

·      It is a provision incorporated in the Constitution through a Presidential Order which empowers Jammu and Kashmir State Legislature to decide “Permanent Residents” of the State.

·     “Permanent Residents” of J&K gets special rights and privileges in public sector jobs, acquisition of property, scholarship and other aid and welfare programmes within the State.

·     This article was incorporated by the then President Rajendra Prasad in 1954 on the basis of “Delhi Agreement” entered into between Prime Minister Nehru and J&K Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah.


Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB 





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