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Current Affairs 13th August

JYOTI RANI, Updated On:14-Aug-2019







  • The world’s largest oil producer will  acquire a 20 per.stake in RIL's OTC ( oil to chemicals) business at an enterprise worth of $75 billion, RIL announced at its annual general meeting (AGM) India's largest foreign direct investments until date. 
  • As per the deal, Saudi Aramco will acquire a 20% stake in Reliance's oil-to-chemicals (OTC) business worth of $75 billion. Oil-to-chemicals division, by combining processing and petrochemicals businesses, converts crude oil into chemicals .
  • EXAM TAKEAWAY:-  Saudi Arabia’s Currency:- Rial
  • Capital :- Riyadh
  •  Crown Prince :- Mohammad Bin Salman.


2. Chhattisgarh Govt. new malnutrition scheme

  • 37.60 % child below 5 years in Chhattisgarh are full of deficiency disease (malnutrition) and 41.50 daughters and mothers within the state are full of anaemia, according to a report by NITI Aayog.
  • Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel declared that a campaign is launched to eradicate deficiency disease till the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi
  • EXAM TAKEAWAY :- Chhattisgarh CM :- Bhupesh Baghel
  • Governor :- Anusuiya uikey. Capital :- Raipur.


3. Two WLS (wildlife sanctuaries) under ESZs

  • The Central Govt. has recognised two wildlife sanctuaries close to Mumbai as 'Eco-Sensitive Zone'(ESZ), by Union Minister for environment Prakash Javadekar.


  • The two wild life sanctuaries in geographical region are Tungareshwar life Sanctuary (TWLS) and Tansa life Sanctuary (TWS), situated in Palghar and Thane districts of Maharashtra.


4.Jana Small Finance Bank a new scheduled Bank

  • Jana small Finance Bank Ltd, that commenced banking operations in March 2018, declared as Scheduled Bank.
  • The Government in consultation with RBI announced recently that Jana Small Finance Bank is included inthe second schedule of RBI Act 1934.
  •  Jana small Finance bank presently operates in 260 bank branches and 338 plus centres, that is serving over 5.5 million customers across the country.


5. Cancer treatment under PM health insurance scheme

  • The central Govt. is planning for the treatment of cancer under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana,­ Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM­JAY),which is the Central Government’s insurance scheme
  • It aims to give medical cover to 10 Cr. poor and vulnerable families and 50 cr. beneficiaries, providing coverage of up to Rs.5 lakh per family per annum for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation.


6. Chandrima Shah the first woman President of INSA 

  • Former director of the National Institute of science academy Chandrima Shaha has been appointed as 1st woman president of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA),
  • Shah who will lead INSA from 2020, said that her priority would be to form efforts to popularise science among the people and she would concentrate on further collaborations with foreign institutes.
  • INSA was established in January 1935 with the aim of promoting science in India and enhancing knowledge base for the reason for humanity and national welfare.It has nearly 926 fellows.


                   IMPORTANT DAYS


7. International Left Handers Day

  • International Left Handers Day is considered  on August 13 annually to celebrate the distinctiveness and variations of the left handers.
  • The day was 1st discovered in 1976 by Dean R. Campbell, founding father of the Lefthanders International.
  • International Left Hander's Day was created to celebrate left-handedness and lift awareness of the benefits and downsides of being left-handed in an exceedingly right-handed world.


8. World Organ Donation Day

  • August 13 is determined as World Organ Donation Day each year.
  • The aim of the celebration is loud and clear  to market organ donation for people who are in need of organs.
  • In India alone, lakhs of individuals die annually as a result of their organ failure.




9. Guatemala elected its new President


  • Alejandro Giammattei, a center-right businessperson and former prisons director,has been elected as Guatemala’s president in a country where corruption and a migration crisis are the two high problems.
  • Mr. Giammattei, defeated former first lady Sandra Torres, a social-democrat, in preliminary results announced by the electoral agency.
  • Mr. Giammattei got 58.5% support whereas Ms. Torres,who has been investigated by UN agency for alleged corruption, had 41.5%.
  • EXAM TAKEAWAY :- Guatemala Currency :- Quetzal
  • Capital:- Guatemala City.




10. Aishwarya Pissay won the FIM World cup in the women's category


  • Aishwarya Pissay after securing the first position in a world title motorsports, won the FIM World cup within the women's class championship, in its final round which was held in Hungary.
  • The 23-year old girl is from Bengaluru also came at second position within the FIM Junior class on Sunday.





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