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Current Affairs of 11th January 2020

Jithin lal , Published On:11-Jan-2020



1.India will erect non-cut steel fence in the sensitive areas of Pakistan and Bangladesh borders.

  • The plan is being executed after security agencies have detected Afghan fighters along India-Pakistan border.
  • The first steel fence is to be erected across 7-km stretch in Assam’s Silchar, the border across Bangladesh.
  • The implementation cost has been estimated as Rs 2 crores per kilometer.Apart from steel fences, there are plans to implement LASER fences across the two borders.
  • In order to implement the projects,the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIMBMS) has been speeded up.The CIBMS operates under Ministry of Home Affairs.

2.China and Pakistan had launched a naval drill in North Arabian Sea called the Sea Guardians.

  • The aim of the drill is to increase interoperability between the two navies.
  • India deployed its INS Vikramaditya in North Arabian Sea where the exercise is being held.

3.Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) launched the State Energy Efficiency Index, 2019 in association with Alliance for Energy Efficient Economy.

  • The report was prepared considering the basic energy requirements such as coal, electricity, gas and oil.
  • The report tracks the progress of Energy Efficiency initiatives in 36 states and Union Territories.
  • Karnataka, HP, Haryana and Puducherry were the best performers according to the report. Manipur, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir were the were the least performers.

4.Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy launched Amma Vodi Scheme.It is one of the nine flagship programmes of the Andhra Government.The programmes are called Navratanalu.

  • The scheme aims at benefitting school students studying in classes I to XII.
  • It includes both public and private schools.
  • Under the scheme, these students belonging to Below Poverty Line will get Rs 15,000 per annum.
  • However, the guardian or mother of the child should ensure 75% attendance of the child.

6.The Supreme Court of India said that Right of access to the internet is a fundamental right.

  • The Court had asked the administration of Jammu and Kashmir to review the curbs on internet in a week.
  • Lately the Indian Government had been using internet shut down as a tool to control protest in the country against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.
  • It was predominant in the north eastern states.


1.Name the city that will host the International naval exercise ‘MILAN’ in March 2020 with the theme ‘Synergy Across the Seas’ 

Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

2.Annual festival of Madhavpur Mela will be held in which Indian city in April 2020 ?


3.MLAT was in the news recently, what does ‘A’ stands for 

          A stands for Assistance.

         The full form of MLAT is Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT).

4.Which 2 countries have renewed its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the field of electoral management ?

 India and Mauritius

5.Name the organization, that has released a report titled “Market Study on E-commerce in India:Key Findings and Observations” .

Competition Commission of India (CCI)

6.Over how many crimes have been registered in the year 2018 as per the National Crime Record Bureau’s (NCRB) report ?

50 lakh crimes

7.Which state accounted for the maximum number of economic offences in 2018 as per the National Crime Record Bureau’s (NCRB) report ?

Uttar Pradesh(UP)

8.Which city ranked 1st in the list of fastest growing urban regions/ fastest growing cities in the world as per Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ?

 Malappuram, Kerala

9.What is the rank of Indian Passport in the Henley passport Index 2020 released by Henley & Partners ?


10.Which digital payments company has launched the all-in-one QR (Quick Response) for merchants to make unlimited payment for free across India ?



Q  When did India assumed presidency of the Security Council of UN

    -Oct 1 1991 for 1 month 

Q  Where is the headquarters of ICJ of UN 

- Hague (Netherlands)

Q  The first chief justice of India elected as the judge to ICJ of UN 

- Mr Nagendra Singh 

Q  Headquarters of UNEP 

- Nairobi 

Q  The oldest mechanically printed book 

- Gutenberg Bible in Germany 

Q  The longest novel 

- Les Hommes De bonne volonté (man of goodwill ) by Louis Henri Jean Farigoule 

Q  The author with the largest no of published books 

- Mrs Mary Faulkner of Africa (904 novels)

Q   The smallest printed book 

- Old King Cole in 1985 

Q   The most expensive book 

- The Gospel Book of Henry the lion : Duke of Saxony 

Q   Who wrote "the death of a city " 

- Amrita Pritam 

Q   The algebra of infinite justice 

- Arundhati Roy 

Q   "Riddles in hinduism " 

- Dr B.R Ambedkar 

Q   "The mystery of the pink pearl"

 - Satyajit Ray 

Q   "My Life and Times " 

- V.V Giri 

Q  Which is the fastest running train on Indian Railways 

- New Delhi - Agra Gatimaan express 

Q  Which is the first colour movie produced in India 

- Kisan Kanya 

Q  Which is the first city of India to use electricity commercially 

- Darjeeling 

Q  In which city first private channel of FM radio was started 

- Bangalore

Source: The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, Press Information Bureau website

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