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Current Affairs 17th January;2020

JITHIN LAL , Published On:17-Jan-2020


                        CURRENT AFFAIRS

1. Government of India, Bru-Reang representatives, Government of Tripura and Mizoram signed an agreement in New Delhi to end the refugee crisis of Bru-Reang community. Home Minister Amit Shah presided over the event.

  • Under the agreement, around 34,000 Bru Refugees are to settle in Tripura.
  • The Centre will offer their rehabilitation helps with an allocated budget of Rs 600 crores.
  • With this, the refugees are now eligible to enjoy social welfare schemes of state and central governments.
  • According to the agreement, the displaced families are to be provided with land of 40 by 30 square feet.
  • The land is to be provided by the Tripura Government.
  • The Centre will provide aid of Rs 1.5 lakhs to build their houses.
  • The Centre will also provide fixed deposit of Rs 4 lakhs and Rs 5,000 cash aid per month and free ration for 2 years.


2.The Department of Industries and Commerce, functioning under Ministry of Food Processing Industries organized food processing summit in Ladakh.

The other stakeholders of the summit include Invest India and National Investment Promotion and Facilitation agency.

  • The Ladakh Action Plan for Food Processing to promote food processing was presented at the summit.
  • The summit focused on chain mapping of food processing and recommended strategies to integrate local population towards agriculture and food processing.
  • It also focused primarily on Leh and Kargil regions.

3.The International Conclave on “Globalizing Indian Thought” was held in IIM, Kozhikode.

  • PM Modi addressed the conclave.
  • The conclave aimed at revealing India’s thoughts in becoming one of the top three economies of the world.
  • India is stepping towards the goal of becoming a 5 trillion Dollar economy by 2025.
  • This will make India one of the top three economies in the world after US and China.
  • It is essential for India to reveal its path while it is achieving such goals.
  • The Conclave is an initiative to achieve this.
  • The Conclave focuses on India’s thoughts on development. The thoughts are as follows 
  • Satyam-Truth 
  • Nithyam-Sustainability 
  • Purnam-Wholeness.

4.Government of Assam, Government of India and World Bank signed 88 million USD agreement.The agreement aims to modernize Assam’s Ferry transport service on the Brahmaputra river.

  • There are over 361 ferry routes across Brahmaputra river in Assam.
  • These routes act as a crucial means of transport to 1000s of commuters in both rural and urban areas of the valley.
  • The aim of Assam Inland Water Transport Project is to help Assam improve its ferry infrastructure and strengthen institutions operating inland water transport.
  • It also aims at introducing new and energy efficient vessels with least disturbance to nature. The project also includes cargo transport vessels in the route.
  • The project will adopt “Working with Nature” principles to design new infrastructure.

5.The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched ‘GSAT-30’ from French Guiana on January 17, 2020. 

  • The launch of the high power communication satellite is ISRO’s first satellite launch of the year 2020.
  • GSAT-30 communication satellite was launched on  Ariane 5 launch vehicle from French Guiana
  • The satellite with a weight of 3357 kg . The mission will have a life of more than 15 years.
  • The satellite was launched along with the European Space Company’s telecommunication satellite- Eutelsat Konnect.
  • The GSAT-30 communication satellite will aim to provide high-quality telecommunications, television and broadcasting services.


1. Name the scheme under which 24 states and Union Territories (UTs) will set up a total of 1,023 ‘fast-track special courts’ (FTSCs) .

Answer- National Mission for Safety of Women (NMSW)

2. What is the total outlay of the project, that will set up 1,023 ‘fast-track special courts’ (FTSCs) ?

Answer-  Rs. 767.25 crore

3. How many Indian airports have received the International recognition for reducing the carbon emission level as per the standards set by Airports Council International (ACI) ?

Answer- 4  (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Biju Patnaik International Airport, Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Trivandrum International Airport)

4. Which section has been declared as the first solar section in South Central Railway ?

Answer- Nandyal-Yerraguntla section, Andhra Pradesh

5. By which year, Indian Railways has planned to source about 1000 MegaWatt (MW) Solar Power ?

Answer- 2021-22

6. Name the bridge, that will become the world’s highest railway bridge (359 m height above river bed) after completion .

Answer- Chenab Bridge

7. Which of the following cities will be connected by the 1.315-km-long Chenab Bridge ?

Answer- Bakkal (Katra) and Kauri (Srinagar)

8. Under which scheme, Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) allowed forests to be traded as a commodity ?

Answer- Green Credit Scheme

9. Which state will set up 121 acres zoological garden named after the freedom fighter and revolutionary Shaheed Ashfaqullah Khan ?

Answer- Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

10. Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (ARLA) adopted a new logo recently.Which of the following flower is seen in the logo ?

Answer- Rhynchostylis retusa

11. Tamil Nadu (TN)’s Fishery and Music universities were named after which politician recently ?

Answer- J.Jayalalithaa

12. Name the 1st of its kind scheme launched by Andhra Pradesh (AP) Chief Minister(CM) Yeduguri Sandinti Jaganmohan Reddy that provides Rs.15,000 to indigent mothers to educate their children.

Answer- Jagananna Amma Vodi


Q  The author of "The Indian Struggle "?

Ans: SC Bose

Q In which year national emergency has been declared in India?

Ans: In 1962,1971 & 1975

Q When was RTI passed?

Ans: 2005

Q Which city is called the Iron & steel capital of the world?

Ans: Pittsburgh

Q Which was the last province to join Canada in 1949?

Ans: Newfoundland

Q Which is the last eastern point in India?

Ans: Kibithu

Q  City which  is known as the "City of Golden Gates"?

Ans: San Francisco

Q What is used for measuring radioactivity?

Ans: Geiger counter

Q Which was the first human made element?

Ans: Polonium

Q Which metal is known as the "Metal of future"?

Ans: Titanium

Q What is the study of communication between human and machine is called?

Ans: Cybernetics

Q How many muscles are there in our body?

Ans: 639

Q C.K Naidu award is related to which field?

Ans: Cricket

Source: The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, Press Information Bureau website

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