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Current Affairs of 8th February ;2020

Jithin lal , Published On:08-Feb-2020


                CURRENT AFFAIRS 

1.The transfer of technology ceremony was held at DefExpo 2020.According to the agreement, the organization transferred 15 licenses to 17 industries.

  • The licenses transferred were all on technologies developed by DRDO. The ceremony was named Bandhan.
  • The transfer of technologies is in the field of laser technology, electronics, armaments, material science, naval systems, combat vehicles, sensors and aeronautics.

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2.The Sharang Artillery Gun is to be inducted into Indian Army on February 8, 2020.The artillery guns are currently produced at the Kanpur ordnance factory.

  • The Sharang artillery guns have been upgraded from 130 mm to 155 mm.Also, the hitting range of the gun system has been increased from 12 kilo metres to 39 kilo metres.
  • It was tested at the Balasore DRDO facility in January 2019. 

3.India and Russia signed 14 MoU at the India-Russia Industrial Conference held at Def Expo 2020.

  • The Agreements were signed as per  Make in India initiative.
  • The countries signed agreements related to ASW rocket launchers, T-72, radar systems, 3D modeling, T-90.
  • The Defense ties of India and Russia have been strong. The countries have also established defense ties through multilateral organizations.

4.The RBI announced that it will create a Digital Payment Index  by July 2020.

  • With the launch of Digital India and the GoI’s push towards Digital Economy, the digital payments in the country has been growing fast.In order to monitor the digital payments, the Central Bank is to release Digital Payment Index.
  • RBI is planning to introduce classification in the index into  rural, urban and semi-urban geographies.

5.The Marine Products Export Development Authority Organized International SeaFood Show in Kochi.Around 5,000 delegates participated in the show.

  • The show will provide a platform for overseas importers of Indian marine products and also for Indian exporters.
  • The event  is to be held between February 7, 2020 and February 9, 2020.


Q1 By what name the Nazis were popularly known as?

Ans: Brownshirts

Q2  Aihole and Badami caves are located in which state?

Ans: Gujarat

Q3  Dhuleti is the regional festival of which state?

Ans: Gujarat

Q4 Which layer of the atmosphere is responsible for auroras?

Ans: Thermosphere

Q5 Which is the only fibre crop of Europe used for making Linen?

Ans: Flax

Q6  Which country is known as “ Clove bowl of the world”?

Ans: Zanzibar

Q7 Which river is  “Sorrow of Bengal” ?

Ans: River damodar

Q8 Hyderabad is located on the banks of which river?

Ans: Musi

Q9 Umiam lake is in which state?

Ans: Meghalaya

Q10 Kolar in India is famous for?

Ans: Gold fields

Q11 Dalmianagar in India is famous for?

Ans: Cement

Q12  Chandoli national park is in which state of India?

Ans: Maharashtra


1. The 12th edition of the South Asian Conference held at New Delhi on January 28-29, 2020. What is the Theme of the conference?

Answer-  Theme: “Neighborhood first”: Policy regional perceptions

2. Telangana has emerged as Number 1 state in the ‘Decent work and economic growth’ category on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) India index in 2019. Which Organization’s Indian office released SDG Index?

Answer- United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

3. Where is the 9th edition of Joint Indo-Bangladesh Military Exercise “SAMPRITI-IX” going to be conducted in the month, February 2020?

Answer- Umroi, Meghalaya

4. Who is the 1st Indian women footballer recently signed up for Scottish Giants ‘Ranger FC (Football club)’ (January 2020)?

Answer- Ngangom Bala Devi

5. Christine Margaret Sinclair became the all-time top scorer with 185 goals in international soccer surpassed the record of American AbbyWambach (184 goals) in January 2020. She Belongs to which Nation?

Answer- Canada

6. Who has written the book ‘Calcutta nights’ which is the translation of ‘Raater Kolkata’ penned by Hemendra Kumar Roy?

Answer- Rajat Chaudhuri

7. The Indian Poet AjmalSultanpuri who passed away recently (in January 2020) is versed/composed his poems in which language?

Answer- Urdu

8. Matthew Satya Babu who died recently (January 2020) had Captained Indian team in which of the following sports ?

Answer- Basketball

9. Assamese man Sashi Sharma who is in news recently (January 2020) belongs to which field?

Answer- Literature

10. 72nd National Martyrs’ day/Shaheed Diwas is observed on?

Answer- January 30

11. Which Union Minister Launched the Department of Personnel and Training Online certificate course’ on Relevance of Gandhi in the Contemporary World?

Answer- Jitendra Singh

12. Nitin Gadkari Launched the Special edition of ‘Khadi wrist Watches’, which entity has designed the watch in collaboration with KVIC?

Answer- Titan

Source: The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, Press Information Bureau website

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