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Daily Vocabulary 24th June, 2017 Based on The Hindu Newspaper

Niyati Chaudhry, Updated On:14-Jul-2017


Expedite -  to cause (something) to happen faster

Expedite -  Verb

Synonyms - accelerate, urge

Antonyms - delay, hinder

She expedited the online order just to surprise him on his birthday night.


Onus -  the responsibility for something — usually used with the

Onus - Noun

Synonyms - brand, stigma

Antonyms - benefit, credit, award

The onus to rearrange the classes is given to you.


Analogy -  a comparison of two things based on their being alike in some way

Analogy- Noun

She made an analogy between shopping online and shopping from the mall.


Quiescent - quiet, marked by inactivity or repose

Quiescent - Adjective

Synonyms - inactive, dull, lethargic

Antonyms - active

A quiescent boy


Transpired -  to become known, when a secret become known

Transpired - Verb

Synonyms - arise, break, come off

They wouldn't say what had transpired at the meeting.


Purview - an area within which someone or something has authority, influence, or knowledge

Purview - Noun

She does not have any purview on that house allotment matter.


Pliable - able to bend, fold, or twist easily, flexible

Pliable - Adjective

Synonyms -Bendly, flexible, limber

Antonyms - rigid, inflexible, stiff

Her pliable behaviour confuses me a lot.


Infancy - the first part of a child's life , the initial part of


Infancy - Noun

Synonyms - beginning,starting

Antonyms - complete, finish, full

She has been a member of the church since its infancy.


Untenable - not capable of being defended against attack or criticism

Untenable - Adjective

Synonyms - indefensible, unwarranted

Antonyms - reasonable

This excuse is untenable.


Ghastly -  very shocking or horrible

Ghastly - Adjective

Synonyms - Appalling, atrocious, terrible, horrible

Antonyms - delightful, pleasant, pleasurable

The whole room was ghastly messed up.


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