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Daily Vocabulary 11th September, 2017

Saurabh sir, Published On:11-Sep-2017




Acrimonious ( Adjective)


Synonyms : bitter,virulent,ill-natured, rancorous, acerbic, scathing, sarcastic, caustic, acid, harsh, sharp,razor-edged, cutting, astringent, trenchant, mordant,spiteful, vicious, crabbed, vitriolic, savage, hostile, hate-filled, venomous, poisonous, nasty, mean, malign, malicious, malignant, waspish, pernicious, splenetic, irascible, choleric .


  • Acrimonious refers to words or persons with bitterness.

  • For instance - “ An acrimonious dispute over partition of parental property.

Antonyms : Goodwill, well wisher


Etymology and Origin

  • The acrimonious comprises of roots “ acri” which means bitter.

  • ous” is a suffix which means “ full of ”.

  • Related Words-

    • Acrimony - Noun

  • Given below is the usage-



Hindi meaning of  “Acrimonious”





Examples with Sentences



Digvijay Singh is often acrimonious in his speech.



Savage ( Adjective)

Synonyms : cruel, vicious, sadistic, ferocious, fierce, violent, bloody, murderous, devastating, homicidal,vicious, brutal, cruel, bloodthirsty, bestial,crushing, crippling, awful, dreadful brutish, barbaric, terrible, severe, barbarous, dire, catastrophic, calamitous, ruinous, mortal, lethal, fatal, merciless, ruthless, pitiless, heartless, inhuman, harsh, callous, cold-blooded  



  • The word savage refers to “ Violent” or “Severe”.

  • Singular Noun: Savage

  • Plural Noun : Savages

  • For eg. A savage attack was committed on Gauri lankesh.

Antonyms : Tame, mild, gentle, civilised

Etymology & Origin

  • The word savage originated in the 14th century.

  • Related words-

    • Savagely ( adverb )

    • Savageness ( Noun )

    • Pre Savage ( Adjective)




Hindi meaning of  “savage”






Examples with Sentences





Pilibhit has become prone to savage tiger attacks.

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