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Daily vocabulary based on The Hindu 11th August

Niyati Chaudhry , Published On:11-Aug-2017


Hello friends !

The following words are exclusively taken from “The hindu” from the article “Our collective cross to bear” to enhance your  vocabulary .

Assault - the crime of trying or threatening to hurt someone physically

Assault - noun

Synonyms - aggression, attack

Antonyms -  defensive, guard

She was injured in a brutal assault.

Hounded -  to chase or bother (someone or something) in a constant or determined way

Hounded - verb

They hounded me with questions.

Maneuver -  a clever or skillful action or movement

Maneuver  - noun

With a quick maneuver, she avoided an accident.

Entrenched -  to place (someone or something) in a very strong position that cannot easily be changed

Entrenched - verb

Synonyms - deep, deep-rooted, rooted, settled

Antonyms -  ephemeral, fleeting

Computers are now an entrenched part of modern life.

Preordained -  decided in advance and certain to happen

Preordained - adjective

Synonyms -  predestine, predetermine

a preordained conclusion

Culpable - deserving blame , guilty of doing something wrong

Culpable - adjective

Synonyms -  blamable, censurable, blameworthy

Antonyms -  blameless, faultless, impeccable

They held her culpable for the accident.

Strife - very angry or violent disagreement between two or more people or groups

Strife - noun

Synonyms -  conflict, disaccord, division

Antonyms -  accord, agreement, concord

religious strife

Seclude - to keep (someone) away from other people

Seclude - verb

Synonyms -  cut off, insulate, isolate

Antonyms -  desegregate, integrate

He secluded himself in his room to study for the exam.

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