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Be Aware of Fake Recruiters

OurEducation Reporter, Published On:28-Jun-2014

Be aware of Fake Recruiters

A big and reputed organization like HCL, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro or Accenture and many other, will never charge money from candidates to provide recruitment. In case you have received any offer letter and you are advised to pay a big amount of money in terms of training fee or security then be aware it may be a trap caused by well talented Graphic Designers to LOOT MONEY from fresher or job seekers. If you are confused about the originality of your offer then consider following points to make the right decision.


Before taking any decisions, the very first step that one should is the verification of your offer letter from the respective company by writing to the organization.

 If you want any help or information you can call us 01143560050


Yesterday, we receive the same query from a candidate named Devisri Gurumurthy, regardingthe confirmation of his offer letter from Tata Motors Pvt. Ltd. He has all the same prospective as mentioned below. So, our team of Oureducation has decided to make an effort to solve out queries of such candidates in order to rescue themselves from such kind of traps.



You can take a view or sample of a fake offer the visit,Sample of a Fake Offer Letter


How and Where You should contact?


 If you want to submit any query or any other information in order to ware coming freshers then let us know by dropping your mentioned details here.







We are always there to help you. In case of any help, you can call us at 01143560050 


How to judge an offer letter is fake or not?


If you are having doubts about your offer letter is to be fake, then you can check with the help of following points

  • A fake offer letter is sent using a public domain ID like or
  • It demands personal information like bank Account details, PIN Numbers etc,
  • May contain an invalid interview location and phone numbers of the organization.
  • May be incorrect in terms of grammar and spellings.
  • Sometime sample offer letters may be attached with the original one.


What should one do after receiving such kind of fake offer letters?


  • Never disclose your confidential information’s like Bank Account Number.
  • Never pay any amount of money to an individual or agency offering these fake offers.



In case of any help you can contact us at  01143560050 and mail us at



Share your views with us for any kind of suggestion and queries in the comment section given below.


This article is written by Ankit Kr.

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