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British Council Emphasizes on the 'courses in professionalism in teaching'

Tanoy Chakraborty, Published On:29-Nov-2014

29 November, 2014

British council is one of the auspicious international institutes which create golden opportunities for the people of United Kingdom and other countries. They provide best example of cultural relations.

Today British council organized a conference at The Lalit, New Delhi. The topic of 'Emphasizing on professionalism in teaching' was highlighted in an innovative way. The main mission of this conference is to find out the courses which are to be involved for making teaching process much more professional. 


Mr. Ashok Pandey who is presently the principal of Ahlcon International School talked about collaborative learning and its effect on students. He shared his observation on exploring the benefits of professional teaching for the best learning and way of gathering knowledge.

The main focus of this topic is to make teachers capable of being a professional. It gives perfect result for the teachers and also to the stakeholders


Professional teaching includes:-

·         Getting more and more involved to the students by fetching out the requirements of the students

·         Using a global method for all kinds of students so that they could easily grip it

·         Ensuring the involvement of the students

·         Listening to their views on teaching methods and their requirements

·         Collaborative learning is the introductory step for professional teaching

·         Conducting meetings with parents to get information about improving the courses in primary, secondary and senior secondary level

·         Sharing of resources like e library is one of the fruitful things to use.


Summary of the criteria of Professional teaching are:-

·         Technical body must be involved

·         Full cooperation and association is required because whole management is involved for deciding in obligations, Policies etc.




This article is written by Ankit Kr.

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