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NSDC Training Course Details

Ankit Kr., Updated On:17-Mar-2015

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) which is a Public Private Participation body started by Finance Ministry of Indian Government. NSDC has recently launched a Skill Development Project to train students either Offline or Online over different skills and. It is an employment based Skill Development Project.




NSDC skill development training includes different training modules like Data Management System, SEO/SMM, Android Application Development, etc. Here is the list of course details for IT.


1. Data Management System  

2. Search Engine Optimization  


            Module 1: SEO Concepts

                    • What is SEO                                                                            

                    • Introduction to SERP

                    • What are Search Engines

                    • How Search Engine Works?

                    • Major Functions of a Search Engine                                              

                    • What is traffic?

                    • Types of Traffic

                    • Webstore Integration

                    • Word Press Integration  





         Module 2: Keyword Research (Live Project on live websites)

                   • What are Keywords?

                   • What keywords benefit online stores

                   • Types of Keywords

                   • Broad keywords

                   • Specific keywords

                   • Unique or branded keywords

                   • Keyword search tools

                   • Google Keyword tools

                   • Picking up a shortlist

                   • Best practices

                   • Internet Retailing and Offline Retailing 





       Module 3: On Page Optimization

                  • Keyword Density, Proximity & Prominence                      

                  • Page title optimization

                  • Header Tag Optimization

                  • Anchor Text Optimization

                  • Image Tag and Footer Optimization

                  • Content Optimization and Planning

                  • Understand your audience for Content planning

                  • Content Research & editorial Calendar setup

                  • Adding Social Media Plug-in on web pages

                  • Internal linking

                  • Meta tag creation

                  • Basic HTML knowledge and Code optimization

                  • Using Google webmasters tool & site verification

                  • Sitemap creation and submission in website & webmasters





       Module 4: Off Page Optimization

                   • What is Page Rank?

                   • How to increase Page Rank?                                          

                   • Back links, Types of Back links

                   • Link building, Types of Link building

                   • Do’s and Don’ts of Link Building

                   • Link building Strategies

                   • Easy Link acquisition Techniques

                   • Link opportunity prospecting & creating link baits

                   • Importance of Content Marketing 





                   • Content Scaling and Social Medial Link Building


       Module 5: Social Media Management

                   • Facebook Fan page creation

                   • Facebook add segmentation

                   • Design fan page

                   • Create tabs

                   • Twitter account creation

                   • Twitter design, How to tweet?

                   • Youtube channel create and design

                  • Video creation with slides

                  • Google Plus

                  • Blog setup and design

                  • Blogging article methods

                  • Embedding rich content

                  • Connect blog to other social networks

                  • Benefits of url shortner

                  • Sharing your content

                  • Question and Answer

                  • Genuine Forum Posting

                  • Introduction to ORM

                  • What is Online Branding

                  • Role of Press Releases in SMO 




                  • Social Media Trend                                                                          


3. Mobile Application Preview

                • Introduction to Android

                • Android Application development






This article is written by Ankit Kr.

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