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Location: Delhi/NCR Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110 016. INDIA FAX: (91) 011-2658 2037, (91) 011-2658 2277 , 110, New Delhi, Delhi, India
Phone: 011-2658 2037, 011-2658 2277
Email: webmaster[at]

IIT Delhi-Indian Institute Of Technology

The concept of the IITs was first introduced in a report in the year 1945 by Sh. N. M. Sircar, then member of Education on Vicerory’s Executive Council. Following his recommendations, the first Indian Institute of Technology was established in the year 1950 in Kharagpur. In his report, Shri Sircar had suggested that such institutes should also be started in different parts of the country. The Government having accepted these recommendations of the Sircar Committee decided to establish more Institutes of Technology with the assistance of friendly countries who were prepared to help. The first offer of help came from USSR who agreed to collaborate in the establishment of an Institute through UNESCO at Bombay (now Mumbai). This was followed by the Institutes of Technology at Madras (now Chennai), Kanpur and Delhi with collaborations with West Germany, USA and UK respectively. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati was established in 1995 and the University of Roorkee was converted into an IIT in 2001


To provide adequate facilities for postgraduate study and research to meet the needs of specialised research workers and teachers. ·

To provide leadership in curriculum planning, laboratory development and examination systems. ·

To institute programmes for faculty development both for their own staff and for the teachers of other engineering colleges.



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