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Location: IIPM, D-4, Level-4, Rectangle-1, Behind Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi-110017. INDIA., 11, New Delhi, Delhi, India
Phone: +91-80-41102427, ,+91- 9717196542


 Professor Arindam Chaudhuri, renowned management guru & economist; Dean, Center for Economic Research & Advanced Studies

We need to understand that sustainable growth can be achieved only by committing ourselves to macro level growth strategies that would encompass the bottom 80% of the population and not just the top 20%. This conscientious approach would make a growth rate of 12% per capita per annum possible. In the light of globalization of the Indian economy and capitulation of Indian brands, it is imperative for tomorrow's leaders to be aware of the above mentioned facts, so that they can face the emerging global challenges of international markets with confidence, while remaining committed to remove massive poverty of Indian masses within a generation. While some wealthy nations enjoy the luxury of material of plenty, the fact remains that more than twice the number of people killed in the 2nd world war die every year of hunger and curable diseases. And yet we fail to realize that unrestricted satisfaction of all desires is not conducive to human well being! Nor is it the way to happiness, or for that matter, even maximum pleasure!! When the wealthy nations today talk of 'being one' with the rest of the world, and of concepts of global village, their talks simply border on hypocrisy. The time has come for India to lead the way in showing that this carnage can be stopped with the help of determined leadership and long term committed vision. The Indian managers need to develop a strong vision for their companies, and most importantly, for the people who work for them, apart from having a terrific sense of commitment for the country, great motivational skills and leadership qualities. A growth rate of 12% per capita per annum would imply that India can beat U.S.A. in terms of purchasing power parity within the next 25 to 30 years and become economically the strongest country in the world. For this, the Government of India needs to support the Indian organizations with suitable pro-people & pro-India policies, which would help Indian organizations in becoming stronger to compete in the world market successfully. Future leaders must be aware of this and not remain intellectually handicapped. IIPM strives for these commitments and continuously endeavours to educate its students and clients on these issues with the belief that sooner than later, structured economic independence can be achieved through a coordinated effort... 


Welcome to IIPM – the largest B School on earth!

As you take your first step in here and walk down the corridors of knowledge, you will realize that you have entered a place which is full of life. It is a place which breathes of freshness, a place which embraces one and all as a unified family, a place which is highly dynamic, robust and youthful.It is a place which has transformed from being a seat of higher education to being an academic movement. Yes, IIPM is a B-School which not only ranks among the best in the country, it associates with the best of foreign institutions and engages the leaders of management education from the world over.IIPM is also a mass movement which encompasses academic intellectualism, social commitment and political vision. 

As a student, you also become a part of this great movement which is committed towards human welfare and development, social justice and poverty alleviation, through academic researches, socio-economic activities and selfless voluntary services. In other words, universal humanism is the social vision of IIPM. 


The cornerstone for that vision is IIPM's commitment to remove the massive poverty of the Indian masses within a generation, and that can be achieved by the new generation of globally competent entrepreneurial managers moulded by the most intellectually stimulating course in India. The intesive programme with focus on Academic rigour, Global Exposure , World class Faculty and a curriculum focused on learning outcomes & personality transformation makes IIPM programs the most “ INTELLECTUALLY STIMULATING” in India. A course which is one of its kind in providing a wider coverage than any other MBA course taught anywhere because of its integration with National Economic Planning and a compulsory specialization in marketing. 


IIPM believes that sustainiable growth can only be achieved in the Indian economy when growth strategies cater to the bottom 80% of the population and not just the top 20%. The time has come for India to lead the way in the world and the Indian managers need to develop a strong vision for their companies and help them compete in the world markets while accelerating market growth, to make India economically the strongest country in the world. This is the breed of future leaders and managers that IIPM wants to create, those who are aware of the challenges and do not remain intellectually handicapped.

The IIPM programmes and the experience are the springboard that will propel this revolution forward and every student at IIPM is an integral part of it.


 IIPM being a leader in academic excellence is a part of this growth and is serving its better than the best MBA graduates to biggest names in India Inc. over the last 32 years of its presence

IIPM Places 2300 Students:

EVEN in the time of economic slowdown, the Indian Institute of Planning and Management ( IIPM), with 18 branches located across the country, has managed to secure jobs for 2,300 out of the 4,000 students of the 2007- 2009 batch. A record 750 companies participated in the recruitment process, which also saw 46 international placements. 
-  June 30, 2009      Mail Today     - E-Article

2. IIPM set to Beat Economic Slowdown:
After setting new benchmarks in Bschool placements last year, the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) has innovated to re-establish its superiority in placements in the current period of reduced growth. Data shows that 1,500-plus students at IIPM have already been placed on campus while the result of about 200 post-campus interviews is awaited. Over 450 companies have made recruitments in the current campus placement session. The average package so far has been Rs 4.2 lakh per annum which, though a fall from the last year’s average of Rs 5.2 lakh, is still fairly considerable especially in view of the current challenges. International placements currently stand at a commendable figure of 44. This year was one of the most challenging years for B-school placements.
 March 13, 2009    Express Buzz     - E-Article 


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Over 700 companies visit IIPM for placements 


More than 20 Fortune-500 companies have recruited students from the 2007-08 batch. Over the years more and more students have been placed at international locations with global giants. IIPM started this year’s INTERNATIONAL PLACEMENTS by placing 30 STUDENTS of the 2006-08 batch in the largest Outdoor Advertising & publicity company of U.A.E named Emirates Neon Group (ENG) in DUBAI.

There is now a universal acceptance that India is riding high on growth and because of this more organizations are setting up base in India and organizations already present are growing exponentially with a huge demand for skilled managers. This scenario has fueled demand for skilled managers by India Incorporation and subsequently Indian business Schools have started enjoying 100% placements and multiple job offers for their Management graduates.

IIPM being a leader in Academic excellence is a part of this growth and is serving its better than the best MBA graduates to biggest names in India Inc. over the last 32years of its presence. Our students can be found in every function of an organization in Fortune 500 companies with no geographical boundaries. In addition IIPM now with its international placement offices has started to focus on international placements as we have seen our students after being employed for some years in national locations move out for prospects abroad and are working at senior levels in countries like Singapore, America, Australia, Dubai, London, Canada and the list is endless. In the current year the highest national package for an IIPM student was Rs. 12 lacs and seven students were selected. Our  national recruiters are leaders in their industries like Consulting; Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte Consulting…, Banking; Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, HDFC,  ABN Amro, Kotak Bank, American Express…, Financial and Research services; Evalue,Copal Partners, WNS Global, Pipal Research, IMRB, Karvy Consultants, Prudential ICICI, G.E Money, Citifinancials…, Consumer products; Eveready Industries, Asian paints, HLN, Berger paints, LG, Bluestar ... , Insurance; ICICI Prudential, Bajaj Allianz, Met Life, Tata AIG, Aviva Life, Birla Sunlife… , Information Technology and services ; Oracle Corporation, HP, IBM, Intel, HCL, Hutchison…  And many more industry leaders like Yamaha Motors, Essar Group, DLF universal, Shaw Wallace, Sahara India, Reliance Communications, Anand rathi,  NEI, Bharat Shell, Malwa Group… 

PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPER: Shiela Pakrasi (Manager, Human Resources)

“It was an overall pleasant and enriching experience dealing with IIPM and we look forward to your continuing support in the yeas to come.” 

BERGER PAINTS: S. Bhattacharya (Sr. General Manager Corporate HR and Personnel)
“ It has been wonderful experience to be a part of IIPM’s placement process. The overall process was handled quite professionally and we are impressed with the quality of education imparted and exposure given to the students. The managers of IIPM have been a good profile match with respect to culture and competence in our organization.” 

DELOITTE CONSULTING:  Mr. Raihan Raizada (Recruiting India Region Deloitte)
“The students of IIPM have exhibited a high level of professionalism in their approach and have been well groomed to take on the corporate world. The enthusiastic response shown by both the students and faculty have convinced us to try and make this a repeat process.” 

PUNJ LLOYD: Mr. K Raghunath (Director HR)
“IIPM as a conducive Learning environment with a course curriculum that's a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge which is not only contemporary in approach but also relevant to industry, Find the students to be down to earth, enthusiastic and have a good understanding of the business environment. They seem well prepared for future challenges in corporate world” 

EXECUTIVE ACCESS INDIA: Mr. Puneet Pratap Singh (Sr. Consultant Asia)
“The students from IIPM have a good understanding of multiple disciplines and exhibit strong commitment. The values and ethos they posses are their biggest strength” 

EVALUE SERVE: Ms. Ratna Singh (Human Resources)
“We are very happy with the performance of IIPM students as in the past and we would definitely make this a repeat process at IIPM in future as well.” 

OSWAL GROUP: Mr. Manuj Mehta (G.M. HR)



Rs 4.2 lakh per annum

  -- Other Management 3 Year(s), Full Time