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Location: Maharashtra indian Institute of Technology, Bombay is located in Powai, Northeast Mumbai. Powai, Mumbai,, 400076, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 91-22-2572-2545, 91-22-2576-7063

Indian Institute Of Technology IIT Mumbai


Indian institute of Technology , Bombay is a goverment engineering college located in powai, mumbai. Not only IIT BOMBAY  is among the of best colleges in india and ranks 3rd in number but a leading  technical university world wide.  IIT BOMBAYwas established in the year 1958 and iwas the first IIT to be setup with foreign assistance. 

IIT BOMBAY  has 14 academic departments and one school as well.  IIT BOMBAY  is known as the leading pioneer in engineering and research education.  IIT BOMBAY is highly known the plethora of quality faculty members and the brilliant students graduating from this institute.  This institute has created a niche in the era of research and engineering. 

For about 55 years , IIT BOMBAY  has consistently  inculcated and produced the most efficient engineers to the scociety. IIT BOMBAY has  been always identified as a paving stone to the contribution of our country and shaping the best graduates nationally and internationally. 


The campus of IIT BOMBAY is a small township in itself.  It is rich in flora and fauna and has a healthy environment all around. Almost all the facilities are available in the campus of IIT BOMAY itself . Hospitals, Banks, Atms, shopping centres, Restuarants, Gym, Sports centres, Repairing shops, Movie Theaters, Salon.. Eveything is available to facilitate the utmost needs of its students. 

IIT BOMBAY has hostels for both girls and boys with mess (fooding) and seperate quarters for its Staff Members. 24X7 wi-fi internet facility , safe water provision, and electricity is being provided in the campus. 

Huge library to fulfill the search of its students, IIT BOMBAY has got the richest collection of all books, magazines, journals accross the nation. Thus it maintains a peaceful living enviroment. 


IIT BOMBAY is one of the most premier institute leading today in terms of academics. It offers various programmes and has got variant departments for undergraduate programs, post graduate programs, and research fellowship. It also organises internship programs, projects and short term courses, workshops.


An all indian exam is been conducted jointly each year by all the IIT'S to take admission in the indian institute of technologies. Students have to get the cutt-off marks to be eligible for taking admission here. You can find sample paper of iit jee and gate on 

IIT BOMBAY organises the largest cultural fest in the country and other co - curricular activities to enhance the skills of their students and give them them a forum to come up with their tallent. 

Not only does it motivates its students to innovate new ideas, IIT BOMBAY also awards scholarship and funds to support them.









 IIT Bombay is the hub of all the major companies recruiting the cream of India. National and International organisations  approach the campus of IIT Bombay for recruitment every year.  Afcourse they  are they india's best graduates and upcoming professional.



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