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Location: Jaipur, 302022, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Phone: 0141-2754399, 2753377

Jaipur National University

 October 22, 2007 was a historic day for Mahima Shiksha Samiti, the Sponsoring Body of the Jaipur National University, and for the Seedling Institutions of Higher Education, when the Government of Rajasthan announced the establishment of the University. Within a few months, after its formation, the University got approvals and recognition from all statutory national bodies, including the University Grants Commission (UGC), under the clause 2(f) of its Act of 1956. The School of Distance Education and Learning of the University has also been recognized and approved by the Distance Education Council and the Joint Committee of the UGCAICTE- DEC for offering certain programmes through Distance Education Mode. Besides these mandatory recognitions, the University has earned trust and goodwill of the aspiring students, parents, public and concerned agencies, based on excellence in teaching and sincere emphasis on high standards of research.

Jaipur National University aims to meet the demands of knowledge and learning of life-skills with a difference. Knowledge savvy studies, semester system, ongoing evaluation, advisory system, functional research, integrated dual and joint degree programmes are its salient features. Admissions are offered based on the performance in the Entrance Test, Merit and Interview.
The University has demonstrated high standards of teaching and research. Highly qualified and experienced faculty adorn its classrooms. Four times, the University has been rated among the top 20 BT Schools of India by the well-known magazine Biospectrum. Lectures by eminent scholars are arranged on a regular basis for the benefit of both students and teachers. Collaboration with top national and international Universities and institutions is also its hallmark.

Keeping in view the philanthropic orientation of the Sponsoring Body and the policies of the State, the University is fulfilling its social responsibility by awarding scholarships, free ships, arranging remedial/add-on courses and other necessary facilities for the needy students. We believe in quality education for the development of our students, hence contributing to the progress of our State and Society.

In recognition of JNU's contribution towards creating an educational hub in Rajasthan, Chancellor, Mr. Sandeep Bakshi was conferred with the Vocational Education Entrepreneurship Research (VEER) Award, 2009, by the Confederation of Indian Universities, on 9.9.2009, at a function held at India International Centre, New Delhi.

Location of the University

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan (India). It is a well-known tourist destination for both Indians and foreigners. Its palaces, forts, gardens, museums, arts and crafts, including gems and jewelery industry, are famous throughout the world. Jaipur's medieval town-planning in the walled-areas, pink colour of the market-places and squares, and heritage monuments are soothing for public gaze.

Jaipur is fast emerging as a hub of higher professional education in India on the pattern of Pune, Bangaloru (Bangalore) and Hyderabad.

Quality education, merit, transparency and ulfillment of social responsibilities are the kernel of the Jaipur National University. The University is situated close to the centre of the city and the airport. One can reach the University from the main Railway Station and Central Bus Stand within half an hour.

Proximity of Jaipur to Delhi is an added advantage. A distance of 250 kms between the two cities can be covered by the excellent National Super-Express Highway No. 8, in four hours. Besides extensive road connectivity, Jaipur is approachable by Rail and Air from all major cities of India, including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangaloru and Hyderabad.

The UNIVERSITY at a Glance

2007 was a year of recognition and jubilation for the Mahsima Shiksha Samiti and the Seedling Group of Institutions, Jaipur, as the cherished goal of establishing Jaipur National University, Jaipur, was realized. All the properties and assets of the Mahima Shiksha Samiti and the Institutions of higher education of the Seedling Group were merged with the University. Not only Jaipur National University is the first of its kind in Jaipur and the whole of Rajasthan, it is also a forerunner and premier centre of learning, providing various integrated and interdisciplinary programmes of study and research in the country. The University has successfully completed three years of its existence on October 21, 2010.

  -- Hospitality Management 1 Year(s), Full Time
  -- General Management 3 Year(s), Full Time


  -- Other Commerce 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Other Commerce 3 Year(s), DE

  -- Biochemistry 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Bioinformatics 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Biotechnology 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Computer Science 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Microbiology 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Other Sciences 3 Year(s), DE
  -- Information Technology 3 Year(s), Full Time

+Hotel Management
  -- Hotel Management 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Hotel Management 1 Year(s), Full Time

+Media And Journalism

  -- Pharmacy 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Pharmacy 6 Year(s), Full Time

  -- Chemical Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Chemical Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Civil Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Civil Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Electrical Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Electrical Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Food Technology 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Food Technology 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Information Technology 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Information Technology 3 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Information Technology 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Mechanical Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Mechanical Engineering 4 Year(s), Full Time

  -- Biotechnology 4 Year(s), Full Time
  -- Biotechnology 4 Year(s), Full Time

  -- Nursing 3 Year(s), DE