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Location: Sri Vani Educational Society Group of Institutions, Chevuturu (Vil), G.Konduru (mdl), Krishna (Dist)., 521299, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh, India
Phone: 040 - 27202528
Website: n/a

Sri Vani Educational Society Group Of Institutions

An Ideal Educational Institution for Progressive Future of Children


Sri Vani Education Centre is a well-known Educational Institution with great reputation for providing noble contribution in the field of education. The institution was established in 1966 by a great philanthropist late Sri. R.S. Hanumantha Rao. His vision was to provide quality education to students, backed by strong value systems. Started with a small group of 18 students, Vani group of institutions have grown over the years and today proudly offers excellent education to more than 5500 students across 3 campuses namely Ramavana at Rajajinagar, Shamavana at Basaveshwaranagar and Hanumavana off Magadi Road in the Garden City of Bangalore.


Excellent Education with Strong Ethics


At Sri Vani, we have great respect for Indian Traditions and this is upheld in all actions and activities of the school. Let us start with the name of the school. “Vani” means Sharadadevi (Goddess of Learning and Education).  Great care and thought went into choosing the logo for the school. The school logo with Sharadadevi, symbolizes knowledge, music, art and the phrase “Vidyaya Amrutham Ashnuthe” meaning "Education is Nectar or Education is Divine."

We emphasise education with strong moral values, ethics and rich cultural heritage of our country.  We put our best efforts to give excellent education by merging technology with tradition and culture.



Successful Governance for Swift Growth of Institution


Smt. R.H. Usha, President, Sri Vani Education Centre, is the backbone of the institution. She has excellent administrative capability known for her supportive nature, successfully governing the institution in ensuring quality education. The institution is greatly organized by Mr. Sharadaprasad, Secretary, Sri Vani Education Centre. With years of experience abroad and expertise in the field of education, Mr. Sharadaprasad provides great learning experience to the students with world class teaching methods in a nurturing atmosphere.



Give Your Child a Safe and Flourishing Future


We, at Sri Vani use the best of technology for providing excellent education to our students to make them globally competitive. We use positive approach in our educational methods to empower knowledge and increase self confidence in our students to face challenges in today’s complex life. With intense academic training we prepare students to participate in extra-curricular activities to nurture their interests and boost their physical fitness. We offer a safe, progressive atmosphere and impart time tested teaching methods. We believe in providing infrastructure to impart excellent education, guidance under trained faculty, opportunities to understand our rich culture, pleasant ambiance for stress-free learning. We believe this will support our students to become amiable human beings ready to face a thriving future.


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