disintegration of the cabinet form of Government. The growth of multiple group of ministers also weakened the centrality of the Prime minister and caused disarray in administration. Published on 30 May 2015" Political rehabilitation in the name of coalition dharma made the systems vulnerable for corruption. Published on 30 May 2015 "Loss of professionalism of investigative agencies such as CBI

servant with due respect. Published on 30 May 2015" "This professional equilibrium got disturbed in India from days of emergency and sycophancy

ing a different form of expression in its manifestation in society

The NOFN will be revamped as Bharat net after the report of an expert panel. Published on 30 May 2015 "The vision of digital India necessitates reliable

The Chinese fault line in foreign policy Published on 29 May 2015

The benefits of mobility proposed also appears un implementable, if we see the scales and centralised framing of curriculum will kill the innovation and autonomy of the universities. Published on 29 May 2015

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