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60 Percent IIT students placed in first round, Updated On:22-Jul-2013

MUMBAI: Notwithstanding the global gloom in industry, the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay has some good news for the students, this year. Around 60% of the students from the institute have already been placed in the first phase of placement season that began on December 1.

The look east policy seems to have yielded positive results. The numbers of global companies visiting the campus, which does not have any presence in the Indian market, have almost doubled this year. The institute is keen to attract multinational companies having larger presence in the global market in the second phase, which will begin in January.

According to placement co-ordinator, Ravi Sinha, the institute has approached a Hong Kong-based firm which has 60% of global market presence. It seems positive. We hope they can have relations with us in the second phase. They have more than 45,000 people across the world. We are looking at their research and development unit as well, said Sinha.

On the presence of companies from Far East, he said, We have companies from Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore. The number of companies which have global presence, but no presence in the Indian market has almost doubled this year. We are encouraging more such companies to join us in the second phase.

Even with fears of recession, around 800 students out of 1,400 students from the institute have been placed from BTech, MTech and dual degree programmes along with the masters and PhD programmes. Around 78% of students from the dual degree programmes have been placed followed by 65% from the BTech programme.

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