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Academic Study of Hotel Management

Ankita Sharma, Updated On:14-Feb-2013









The size and magnitude of hotel management structure varies significantly depending  on the size and function of thee hotel. A small hotel normally consists of a small core management team consisting of the General Manager and a few key department managers who directly handle day-to-day operation, On the contrary, a large full services hotel often operates more like a large coporation with an executive board  headed by the General Manager and consisting of key direction serving as heads  of individual hotel department normally consists of suborniate line-level managers and supervisors who handle day to day operation.

A Typically Chart for a Large resort hotel operation:
General Manger reports to Regional Vice President and/or Owner/Investor

  • General Manager  
    Assistant GM or Director of Operation
         • Director Of Front Office
         •  Executive Housekeeper
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Director of sales & Marketing
  • Director of Food & Beverage
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Director of Events and Catering
  • Director of Finance
  • Chief Engineer
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Security
  • Information Technology Manager

A typical organizational chart for a Small hotel operation:
 General Manager reports to Regional Director and/or Owner/Investor

  • General Manager 
  • Front Office Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Food & Beverage

Typical Qualification:
    Industry experience is the most basic qualification for management occupation in a hotel. A degree in Hospitality is Management studies, Human Research or a degree is often required or strongly prefrred. A graduate degree may be desire for  a Genaral Manager position but is often not required with sufficient management experience  and tenure. A graduate degree is required for a corporate executive position or above like Regional Vice President who oversees multiple hotel properties.

Working Condition:
Hotel Managers are generally exposed to long shifts that include late hours, weekends, and holidays sue to the 24 hours operation of a hotel. The common workplace in hotels is a fast-paced environment, with high-level of interaction with guests, employees, investors, and other managers,
Upper management consisting of senior managers, department heads, and General Managers may enjoy a more desirable work schedule consisting of a more traditional business  day and having weekends and holidays off.
 A Hotel/Casino property may required additional duties regarding speciaql events being held on property for casino complimentry guest.




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