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Allow DU to conduct law entrance examination in Hindi

Arzoo Agarwal , Updated On:12-Apr-2018

A 20 year ,BA final year Student  from Allahabad ,filed a petition in High Court That you should allow law entrance examination in Hindi. His lawyer Kamlesh Kumar Mishra says  that petitioner Ayush is very desirous to study law, as he has stuyed in Hindi medium then it would be unfair for him to take the DU entrance examination in  in English . Court told the petitioner that he has brought a very important and sensitive issue. Court further added that they are issuing a notice to the government and other ruling parties They'll be giving answer  regarding this issue. Court told petitioner Ayush Tiwari that That there has been an order passed by the court in 2014 regarding the similar issue . Ayush should read that. while dismissing the PIL In 2014 Court division bench observed that They cannot shut their eyes Also to the fact that language of the court particulary in delhi primarly remains in english and judgements of the courts are pronounced and reported in english language . The earlier petition was also dismissed by the single  judge bench . Now the court has listed the matter for further hearing on May 17.


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