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Current Affairs of 3 July 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:03-Jul-2018


1.        Banking Codes and Standards Board of India

·      It is an independent banking industry watchdog which protects consumer of banking service in India.

·      Headquarter of this body is in Mumbai and it was established in 2006.

·      A.C.Mahajan is the current Chairman of the organization.

·      It has six member governing council including the Chairman.

·   It oversees compliance with the “Code of Bank’s Commitment to Customers”.


2.        ReUnite: A useful mobile app

·      ReUnite is a mobile application launched by Indian Railway to track and trace missing and abandoned children in India.

·      The app is designed by Bachapan Bachao Andolan & Capgemini.

·      It is a multi-user app where any citizen or parents of missing children can upload pictures of children and can provide description such as birth mark, address etc.

·     Amazon Rekognition (web facial recognition service) is used to identify missing kids.


3.        India’s manufacturing index (PMI) jumps six month high

·      India jumped six month high in Nikkei Manufacturing Index i.e. Purchasing Manufacturing Index (PMI).

·      PMI is an indicator of business for both in the manufacturing and service sector.

·      The point in this index is 53.1 in June 2018 which is approximately two points more than May 2018.


4.        OPCW: Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapon

·      The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons does implement the decisions taken under Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC) which came into force in 1997.

·      OPCW got Noble Peace Prize in the year 2013.

·      It works for the destroying of existing chemical weapons, vigils chemical industry to prevent emergence of new weapons, provides assistance and protection to different countries against chemical threats and fosters cooperation to strengthen implementation of the Convention.


 Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB

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