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Current Affairs of 22 July 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:22-Jul-2018


1.        GST Council reduced tax for more than 50 products

·        The Goods and Service Council has slashed rates for more than 50 products in its 28th meeting.

·        Out of 49 items taxed at the rate of 28%, 17 items are brought in 18% slab. Small television, fridges, kitchen appliances such as mixers and juicers are in this category.

·        Apart from these GST council has exempted Sanitary napkins form GST.


2.        National Register of Citizens (NRC)

·        It is a list of Indian Citizens to consider the genuineness of citizenship of a person living in India.

·        Failing to be listed in National Register of Citizens (NRC) a person will be considered as illegal migrant.

·        It was prepared first in 1951 on the basis of census of that year.

·        It is first time that the register is being updated only for Assam as there are various illegal migrants on the wake of Bangladesh Liberation War.

·        The first draft by Registrar General of India was published in Dec 31, 2017 which accepted 1.9 crore applicants out of 3.29 crore.

·        The Supreme Court of India has directed the Registrar General of India to publish final list on July 30.


3.        Naga Peace Accord

·        Naga Peace Accord on the basis of framework signed with National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah) [NSCN-IM] in 2015 is almost ready.

·        Recently government interlocutor R.N.Ravi has consulted with representatives to finalise the accord and also to get rid of confusion that who will sign the agreement on behalf of Naga groups.

·        There is no redrawing of the maps for Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur to merge the Naga inhabited area for a greater Nagaland or Ngalim but Naga living in these states would get special rights on land and resources.


4.        Important Books and Authors

·        The Forgotten Cities of Delhi : Rana Safvi

·        The  Dhoni Touch : Bharat Sundaresan

·        The Unending Game : Vikram Sood

·        The Flavour of Nationalism : Nandita Haskar

·        Bengali Culture Over A Thousand Years : Ghulam Murshid

·        How Democracy Ends : David Runciman



Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB











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