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Current Affairs of 23 July 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:23-Jul-2018


1.       Artillery guns for Army from September

·      Import of artillery gun from South Korea will be inducted into Indian Army from September.

·      There will be induction of 100 guns by November 2020 and till September of this year 10 guns will be inducted.

·      Out of 100 artillery guns, 10 will be imported from South Korea and rest will be made in India by L&T.

·      Apart from this, four M777 ultra-light howitzers from will also be received by third quarter of 2019.


2.        Do You Know “GDP Deflator”

·      GDP Deflator (implicit price deflator) is measure of inflation.

·      GDP Deflator is the ratio of the value of goods and services of an economy in a particular year at current prices to the value of goods and services prices at base year.

·      GDP price deflator calculates the difference between real GDP and nominal GDP.

·     Nominal GDP includes inflation while real GDP doesn’t include inflation.

· GDP Price Deflator = (Nominal GDP / Real GDP) × 100


3.        Public Affairs Index 2018

·      Bangalore based think-tank Public Affairs Centre has released list of best governed states named as Public Affairs Index 2018.

·      Kerala topped the list followed by Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Karnataka.

·      The index is based on delivery of justice, crime, law and order, fiscal management etc.

·  This year one new theme i.e. Children of India was added which includes early childhood development, education, adolescence, protection etc.

· Kerala topped the list consecutively third time.


4.        Global Slavery Index 2018

·      Global Slavery Index is prepared by Australia based human right organization “Walk Free Foundation”.

·      India ranked 53 out of 167 countries in the list.

·      North Korea topped the list while Japan is at the bottom.

·      The index is based on modern slavery i.e. forced labour, forced marriage, human trafficking, debt bondage etc.


 Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB




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