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Current Affairs of 27 July 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:27-Jul-2018


1.        Anti-Trafficking Bill

·      Lok-Sabha passed The Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2018.

·    The bill has provision to constitute a “National Anti-Trafficking Bureau” which will investigate trafficking cases and will implement provisions of the bill.

·   The bill also appoint a State Nodal Officer and Anti-Trafficking Unit at district level.

·  The bill also provides to set up Anti-Trafficking Relief and Rehabilitation Committee at the national, state and district level which will be responsible to provide compensation to victims, repatriation of victims and re-integration of victims in the society.

·  Bill also says to set up designated courts in each district which will seek to complete the trial within 1 year.

·  The bill will provide stringent punishment for 10 years of life imprisonment for aggravated forms of trafficking.


2.        “Mission Satyanishtha” by Indian Railway

·     The mission will involve railway employees to attend formal training course on probity and integrity in public life.

·     Railway Board members along with all senior officer of railway ministry will take oath of ethics and integrity under this mission.

·     The mission also includes the oath and affirmation by all the 13 lakh railway employees to bring about integrity and eradicate corruption.


3.        UN Environment Award for Kochi Airport

·      Kochi Airport has been awarded with “Champion of Earth” award for being the first airport in the world to be completely powered by solar energy.

·     The award is highest environmental award issued by the United Nations.

·     The airport has become first airport in the world to receive such award.


4.        Roman Magsaysay Award 2018

·      Two Indians Bharat Vatwani and Sonam Wangchuk are the winners of Roman Magsaysay Award 2018.

·     Mr. Vatawani works for mentally-ill people while Mr. Wangchuk works for reform in the education sector in Ladakh.

·  Roman Magsaysay Award is considered as an equivalent award of Nobel Prize in Asian region.


Source: The Hindu, The Indan Express, PIB




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