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Current Affairs of 12 August 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:12-Aug-2018

1.        Rashmi: World’s first Hindi-Speaking Robot

·      Ranjit Shrivastva (a Ranchi based software developer) is developing the world’s first Hindi-Speaking humanoid robot.

·  He is claiming that the cost is very economic i.e. only Rs. 50,000.

·  It will be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered robot that can  also speak English, Bhojpuri and Marathi.

·  The robot is also equipped with facial recognition and expression systems.

·  The robot is inspired with Hong-Kong based humanoid robot “Sophia”.


2.        Santali language got wiki edition

·     Santali is the first Indian tribal language to get a Wikipedia edition on its own script.

·     The language is listed in 8th schedule of Indian Constitution along with other 21 languages.

·     The language is spoken in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

·     Santali is a language of Ol Chiki script.


3.        LS Monsoon session is most productive in 18 years

·      Lok Sabha witnessed 110% productivity in the recently concluded monsoon session.

·     The session witnessed highest productivity in 18 years according to PRS Legislative Research.

·      At the same time Rajya Sabha functioned only 68% of its total productivity.


4.        Important Books and Authors

·      The Dravidian Years: Politics and welfare in Tamil Nadu – S. Narayan

·      Between the great Divide – Anam Zakaria

·      The Generation of Rage in Kashmir – David Devadas

·      Devil’s Advocate: The Untold Story – Karan Thapar

·     Scent of a Story: A Newspaperman’s Journey – Shankar Ghosh

·     Under the Knife: The History of Surgery in 28 Remarkable Operations – Arnold Van de Laar




 Source: The Hindu, PIB

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