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Current Affairs of 14 August 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:14-Aug-2018


1.        CPI Index was 9 month low in July

·      The retail inflation of India comes down nine month low @4.17% in July, 2018.

·      Food inflation was mere 1.73% and it was very low as compare to 3.11% in June.

·      CPI (Combined) which is taken as headline inflation is released by Central Statistics organization (CSO).


2.        Ease of living Index topped by Pune

·     Pune became the top city in Ease of Living Index by Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

·  Navi Mumbai and Grater Mumbai are at second and third place respectively

·   For this ranking four different parameters – governance or institutions, social indicators, economic indicators and physical infrastructure are used to decide rank in this ranking.


3.        Lok Sabha passed Arbitration Bill, 2018

·      Lok Sabha has recently passed Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2018.

·      The bill will amend the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

·      The bill proposes to establish an independent body named as the “Arbitration Council of India (ACI)” which will promote arbitration, mediation, conciliation and other alternative dispute redressal mechanisms.

·      Arbitration means settlement of dispute between two parties by a third neutral party without going through the procedure of court.

 · Generally arbitration is speedier and cheaper than court and all the matters are kept confidential.

· In a developing country like India it is very essential to have such resolution system for the speedy resolution of business disputes.


4.        One liner Current Affairs

·      NASA has launched its first mission to the sun named as “Parker Solar Probe”.

·      First genetic bank for wildlife conservation will be in Hyderabad at the laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES).

·      Justice Manjula Chellur became the chairman of Appellate Tribunal for Electricity.

·      Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB) have successfully discovered a pathway that regulates hepcidin hormone production which is central regulator of iron in the body

·      Smitha V. Crishna (Godrej Family) is the wealthiest woman in the Kotak Wealth Hurun Ranking 2018.



Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB






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