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Current Affairs of 18 August 2018

Keshav Kishore, Published On:18-Aug-2018


1.        Global Livability Index

·        It is a rank of 140 cities in which New Delhi is at 112th position and Mumbai is at 117th position.

·      It is published by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) which is based on political and social stability, crime, Education and access to healthcare.

·      Vienna is at the top followed by Melbourne, Osaka, Calgary and Sydney.


   2.        Kanyashree Scheme of West Bengal

·   The scheme is a conditional cash transfer scheme to improve the status and well being of girl child by incentivizing schooling of teenage girls.

·        The Scheme was also awarded by United Nation by UN Public Service Award.

·       The West Bengal government is all set to remove ceiling of Rs. 1.2 Lakh as family income for getting the benefit under the scheme.

·        State government is also planning to establish a “Kanyashree University” for girls.


3.        Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana of Odisha

·        Odisha government has launched health care scheme on Independence Day named as “Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana”.

·     The scheme will provide Rs. 5 lakh per family per annum for all the secondary and tertiary cashless health care assistance and women beneficiaries can get up to Rs. 7 lakh.

·      The scheme will be beneficial for 3.5 crore people at any government and private empanelled hospitals.


4.        One liner Current Affairs

·        Human Space Flight Programme will be launched by ISRO through which space vehicle with a crew of two could be sent to Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) and tor return safely to a predetermined destination on earth by 2022.

·        Repurpose Used Cooking oil (RUCO) has been launched by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) which will enable collection and conversion of used cooking oil to bio-diesel.

·        The 24th edition of World Congress of Philosophy will be held in Beijing, China since 1900. It is organized every five years by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies in collaboration with its member societies.



 Source: The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB


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