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Pallavi Sinha, Updated On:23-May-2013


STEM RESEARCH THERAPY is a brand new and advanced technique in medicine field that is mainly helpful for the treatment of dangerous diseases like cancer and leukaemia by developing new adult stem cells into affected or damaged tissue. For the treatment of leukaemia the stem cells from bone marrow and also umbilical cord have been used for the treatment and these kinds of cells are also used to treat type 1 diabetes mellitus and Parkinson’s disease.


 A MBBS, B Pharma, BDS, BVsc, BE, BE in biotechnology or BSc with one paper of biological science degree holder are eligible for STEM CELL RESEARCH.


STEM RESEARCH is a branch of biomedicine and have great carrier opportunity as it only needs a trained mind and hand not a high degree and above all of these only a candidate belongs from general BSc background is able to do miracle in this field.

The global turnover of biomedicine is about $ 20 billion and in India about Rs1500 crore by the end of this year and this is quite enough to know that this carrier is best for anyone and especially for PG students  from various science fields.

This field provides many option to the students for pursuing higher studies and research in basic biological and its application category.

In India, the researches which are undergoing here are mostly governmental. Opportunity in this field is growing year by year.

The various posts according to educational qualification are chief scientific officers, research scholars, lab assistant, laboratorian etc.

If anyone want to do more in this field then only a basic science degree is not enough but they have to complete at least MSc in zoology, genetics, biophysics, microbiology, biotech, biochem, life sciences and regenerative and after pursuing this a candidate may start their own research, or may apply for human resource, production etc and a well trained & eligible PG degree holder will be payed more than Rs 50,000 p.a.


1. Bone Marrow Transplantation

2. Missing Teeth

3. Wound Heating

4. Spinal cord injury

5. Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis

6. Crohn’s disease

7. Diabetes

8. Cancer

9. Baldness

10. Blindness

11. Deafness

12. Muscular Dystrophy.



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